THISCLOSE! Together we will help Lee Zeldin Save Our State

Plunging Wall Street profits should sound alarm bells for city, state — and offer fresh grounds to back Lee Zeldin

Albany County DA questions red flag law

In case you missed the debate coverage, here are some headlines and quotes from the one and only debate Tuesday night:

Passionate Zeldin beats robot Hochul in NY governor debate

Fired-up Lee Zeldin brings the fight to Gov. Hochul, decisively wins only NY governor debate

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Ignores Reality During Debate, Lee Zeldin Calls Her Out on It…Repeatedly

This is all you need to know about Gov. Hochul:  “Gov. Kathy Hochul stunningly said she didn’t know why it’s “so important” to lock up criminals when confronted by Republican challenger Lee Zeldin over the state’s controversial bail reform law during their first and only debate Tuesday night.”

‘Don’t know why that’s so important’: Hochul baffled when Zeldin talks jailing criminals during NY gov debate

Lee Zeldin shows he understands crime crisis Hochul dismisses

Former NYPD inspector drops bombshell, believes Dem Mayor Adams wants Republican Lee Zeldin to become governor

Zeldin did Tuesday what he has done for months — doggedly fault the incumbent and offer big plans for big reforms, especially on matters of crime, taxes, energy policy and spending cuts. He also was effective in hitting her on the outrageous pay-to-play pattern that is undeniable.

Much of her response on crime also reeked of the same desperation that the governor has had in recent days as the race has been tightening, though it’s very much been too little too late, just like the plan she released days before, though she has been governor for over a year.

Seth Barron writes in Cit Journal: Kathy Hochul on the Ropes in New York

NY’s gubernatorial race continues to make national news:  These previously safe governor’s races could flip after wild 2022 midterm campaign season

GOP sees real chance to win in NY as $500K pours into pro-Lee Zeldin super PAC.

If you haven’t signed up to Save Our State, now would be a good time; we are thisclose!!

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