Governor Hochul is singing a different tune; one she had rejected until she saw the current polling.

Kathy Hochul, Lee Zeldin to debate Tuesday on Spectrum News

Hochul drops new ad touting crime credentials, as Lee Zeldin surges in polls

“Don’t be suckered. If you care about crime, vote Hochul out of office along with every other Democrat on your ballot.”  Hochul’s sudden focus on crime is just a panicked, meaningless gesture

Lee Zeldin slams Kathy Hochul’s subway crime plan as he surges in gov race

Democrats’ pathetic responses to crime horrors show they’re completely out of gas on public safety

Hochul’s ‘hot mess’ campaign has NY Dems worried as Republican Zeldin surges. State Democrats are panicking as Gov. Kathy Hochul appears to be blowing the race against Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin in solidly blue New York amid worsening polls, fundraising scandals and campaign messaging misfires.

Hochul defends bail reform, Zeldin talks up working with Dems at TV forum

Dems’ illegal Hochulmander conspiracy was even slimier than we knew — and isn’t over yet

Why Lee Zeldin is gaining ground on Kathy Hochul in the N.Y. governor’s race. When the NY Daily News runs an article that explains why Lee Zeldin is gaining ground on Kathy Hochul, you know Gov. Kathy “pay-to-play” Hochul is in trouble.

Not so fast, gov: you could lose!

NY hotel industry showers Gov. Kathy Hochul with campaign cash following bailout plan. “A key element of the recovery plan included a $100 million Tourism Worker Recovery Fund that provided a one-time payment of $2,750 to up to 36,000 hotel workers and other tourism industry workers whose unemployment benefits expired.”  Reminder, those are your tax dollars giving the hotel workers a one-time payment of $2,750 and did other workers who ran out of unemployment benefits get a one-time payment or just hotel workers whose industry showered Gov. Hochul with campaign cash.

Do you need another reason to FIRE Hochul? Here it is:  The Plan To Kill New York’s Charter Schools

Bipartisan CBS Focus Group Stuns Host When Panelists Agree On Almost Everything, Including ‘Woke Culture’; and the Democrats wonder why they are facing a Red Wave?

The Gray Lady cannot – or chooses not – to remove herself from the rabbit hole she has been in for far too long:  NYT’s Republicans ‘devil terms’ front page is more media midterm madness

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Fact-Checking 4 Biden Claims on His Student Loan Bailout

Joe Biden Expresses Support for Yet Another Policy That Could Violate the Hyde Amendment

Biden’s Student-Loan Action Is Obviously Unconstitutional. So Why Can’t Anyone Stop It?

Pennsylvania Senate race: Biden tells voters to back Fetterman not GOP’s Dr. Oz because the ‘world is looking’. Most likely the first honest thing that Joe has said in a long time; the world is looking, and the world sees what a weak president we have.

Not sure is this is a gaffe, sounds more like a Freudian slip to me. Biden Says John Fetterman’s Wife Will Make a ‘Great Lady in the Senate’

Profits at the Expense of Patriotism Is a Dangerous Game

Waiting for Durham

The Reality Behind the Regents Diploma

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