Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses our 60th Anniversary Reception, big November wins on the horizon, early voting dates and the need for volunteers for early voting and election day.

2022 Fall Reception

Our Fall Reception marking the Party’s 60th Anniversary was a great success. We returned to the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle; a beautiful venue nestled on the waterfront.

We were honored to have Newsmax’s White House Correspondent, John Gizzi, as our Ronald Reagan Journalism Award recipient and Larry Kudlow as our featured guest speaker.

The gathering, coming on the heels of excellent statewide and local polling, was highly energized. You could feel the momentum in the room. US Senate candidate Joe Pinion, Attorney General candidate Michael Henry and Comptroller candidate Paul Rodriquez each took a few moments to deliver remarks. Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was a part of every conversation from the podium to the reception floor. We are just 18 days away from saving New York. We must keep this momentum moving in the right direction.

It was also very clear that Chairman Emeritus Mike Long, the Chairman for almost half of the party’s history, was on many minds, as one would expect at the 60th Anniversary event. It was a fine evening remembering Mike and telling the story of the Conservative Party’s history and his enormous role in it.

It has been an honor for me to chair the Conservative Party these past few years. I am keenly aware of the history that brought us to where we are today. It is my sincere hope that in 2022 we will write a new page for a great political party and a fine group of people who make the party what it is today.

Big November Wins on the Horizon

News coming out of Washington indicates late summer/early fall numbers that showed momentum for Conservatives and Republicans had slowed, or even stopped, have returned to levels not seen in decades.

The US Senate is once again in play for the GOP with places like Pennsylvania and Arizona showing great promise. The House always expected to move into GOP control looks like it could once again see large Republican/Conservative gains.

In New York I expect to see 9, 10 or even 11 Republican/Conservative members of Congress. Currently, that number sits at 8.

The State Senate is poised to see many GOP/Conservative gains as well. And a shocker for many is the likelihood that the Assembly Republicans will see their greatest number of wins since 1994.

As much as the strong efforts of our party and its candidates are responsible for the pending gains, much credit should also, sadly, go to the Democratic Party. Their policies and candidates who gave us out of control inflation, unsafe streets, porous borders and a foreign policy that has made the United States unable to project the influence of a great power, have led to a New York State and America clearly on a decline. Look no further than the New York Post article in which a City Hall staffer admitted the Eric Adams Administration has no idea what to do with illegal immigrants flooding into NYC.

It is my continued ask that we do not get complacent, we must work hard and get out every single vote either through Absentee Ballot, Early Voting, or on Election Day November 8th. We’re almost there!

Early Voting October 29 through November 6

Early voting as you know is in person voting. Our voters should take advantage of this nine day opportunity to cast their vote early. It helps ensure our vote is coming out in large numbers. To win in New York State we need every person who thinks the way we do, or believes the state is heading in the wrong direction, to get out and vote!

If we lose, it will be because we did not vote. Conservatives and Republicans who don’t vote do one thing—elect Democrats. The Democratic Party has such a large voter advantage, we cannot afford to leave votes on the table. Of course, if for some reason you do not vote early, make sure you make a plan for you and your family to vote on November 8th.

Early Vote and Election Day Volunteers

If you are not already committed to local Conservative Party efforts, I ask you to contact the State Conservative Party at 718-921-2158 or by E-mail at in order for us to make you part of our final GOTV and ballot security efforts.

Of course, you will be assigned to your local community. The point simply being that we need to get the vote out and can take no chances with the integrity of our elections.

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