NY’s Attorney General Leticia James is the quintessential democratic candidate

Michael Goodwin’s column on Wednesday:  Lee Zeldin has real shot to defeat Kathy Hochul in modern David vs. Goliath showdown. Mr. Goodwin notes in his column that “… something important has happened on the way to Hochul’s expected coronation. More and more, voters are waking up to the fact that one-party Democratic rule in Albany has been a complete disaster.”

“Don’t let Hochul buy your vote with your own money. Teach Kat a lesson and cast your ballot for Lee Zeldin.”  Hochul’s most insulting bid to buy your vote with your own money.

NY’s shakedown of health-care providers is more pay-to-play that won’t help state

With race tightening, Attorney General Letitia James now says bail reform needs second look. Really, isn’t it amazing how a candidates’ stance changes when they read the tea leaves.

New York comptroller candidates clash in Spectrum News 1/NY1 debate

The Myth of the Nonviolent Drug Offender

NYC homeless in run-down conditions just yards away from tent city outraged over plush migrant amenities

Stacey Abrams Claims Abortion Access Could Relieve Inflation Woes. This woman must be the most ill-informed person in politics, or at least a close second to AOC.

Diner owner asks police to investigate phony political mailing

CDC Panel Votes to Add Covid-19 Vaccine to Recommended Childhood Schedule. Parents:  Please discuss with your pediatrician and research for yourself before your child has the vaccine. Recommended is not mandated…yet.

The Green Energy Profiteering Scam/”Green” Profits Can Only Rise if Citizens’ Freedoms Fall

Biden’s Failed Election Stunt in Saudi Arabia

Biden defends US oil reserve release to fight rising gas prices before midterms: ‘Not politically motivated’

Has the Biden Admin ‘Not Stopped Or Slowed’ US Oil Production?

Biden Deserves What He’s Going to Get on the Economy

Exclusive: On Abortion, Voters View Democrats as More Extreme Than Republicans by Two to One

Biden Announces Codifying Roe Will Be His Top Legislative Priority If Democrats Sweep Midterms

Biden Reveals Support for Federal Abortion Fund that the Hyde Amendment would seem to prevent. However, the Hyde Amendment is passed every year and even more reason to vote for pro-life republicans and turn the House to a republican majority on November 8, 2022. Read more about the Hyde Amendment here:  The Hyde Amendment and Coverage for Abortion Services

Biden’s Iranian Nuclear Obsession

Local gov’ts paying more for cyber insurance.

Parents of children in college should read this:   Empty Platitude, or Litmus Test?

A Counterpunch to the Assault on Manliness

Raising Girls to Be Real Women

Teen Girl Breast Amputation Rose Almost 400 Percent Between 2016 and 2019.