Governor Hochul’s Hutzpah displays itself again and again and again…

How Kathy Hochul is ‘bribing’ her way to election — with nearly $1 billion of your money

This excuse is even lamer as a second grader telling the teacher, “The dog ate my homework.” Hochul shifts blame to Legislature for nearly $1 billion in taxpayer-funded pot she’s using to ‘buy’ election

Janice Dean writes: I believed Hochul, but her probe of COVID nursing-home deaths in New York is ‘damn’ late

Hochul accused of rigging NY casino license plan in favor of politically-connected slot parlors

If you have friends and family sitting on the fence about voting for Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito, give them this Bob McManus column to read:  Crime, the economy, more: Why moderates must choose Zeldin over Hochul

This will only become a bigger and bigger problem if we don’t use our voting power to change the direction our state is heading.  ‘Coke’ dealers boldly peddle drugs on sidewalks of Broadway.

This race is ours to win:  New York governor race between Gov. Hochul and Rep. Zeldin tightens to ‘toss up’.  It isn’t to late to get involved, three weeks is a long time in election cycles; click here to help elect Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito.  Vote on the Conservative Line for all our candidates, it sends a message that you support financial responsibility and the values CPNYS stands for.

You’ll decide the race for State Comptroller, the state’s money-manager, in next month’s election.

Independent Women Swing Hard Toward GOP Despite Democrats’ Abortion Push

While this is good news, now is the time to turn up the efforts!  Republicans Are In the Lead To Take Back Congress.  Every state in our Union must be prepared for dirty tricks before, after and during the expanded election days.  Mail-in Ballots Just Became a Legal Problem for Pennsylvania…Again

Aren’t you happy that the majority leader of the US Senate is focused on the real problems Americans are facing?  Schumer urges New Yorkers to fight back against shrinking airplane seats

The January 6 Committee Ends with a Whimper

China Can Sneak-Attack Taiwan

Iran: Freedom-Lovers Win a Round

The Need for Real Leadership: The Cost of Not Supporting Ukraine

Biden Administration’s Dithering Inviting Worldwide Aggression: Russia, China, Iran

Biden Administration Repeating Obama’s Mistake: Is Biden Being a “Russian Stooge”?

Average American is losing $34K and everything else on Biden’s watch

Biden Is Lying About the Economy Again, and the Latest Is a Real Whopper

Biden insists US economy is ‘strong as hell’ as he munches an ice cream cone

Joe Biden ‘was aware’ and potentially ‘involved’ in son Hunter’s crony business dealings: Whistleblowers

Only 33% would vote to reelect Biden if presidential election was held today: poll  My question is, how can it be that high?  Don’t they buy food, need gas, read the papers beyond the headlines?

Top House Dems continue paying family members thousands of dollars using campaign funds

Jeff Minick writes that The Three Stooges Make a Comeback.

Ron DeSantis Draws a Crowd In Blue County for His First Campaign Stop Since Hurricane Ian