There are 28 days until November 8…Election Day. Twenty-eight days to Save our State.

Hochul’s shamelessness only grows as Election Day approaches, so vote Zeldin!

If she is as popular as the media would have you believe, why are Vulnerable New York Dems keep(ing) their distance from Gov. Hochul ahead of Election Day.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul pictured with fundraiser Maher Abdelqader, who shared Holocaust denial content.

Pay-to-play allegations not stopping Hochul from raising money at a record pace. “Hollywood types. Real estate kingpins. Health care leaders and registered lobbyists. All of them and more were among the hundreds of people contributing at least $10,000 to her campaign, according to a campaign filing released Friday.”

Hochul hunts for marijuana DWI test as NY opens cannabis shops. Now, Governor? You’ve known for how long that the lack of a marijuana DWI test is a problem (certainly as the state’s CEO you should have), yet now is when you are looking for a reliable test?  Are you too busy fundraising? Or is it that none of your “big donors” have a approached you to invest in marijuana testing companies?

Ex-Rep. Peter King rips Hochul on bail reform, says she’s in ‘surrender’ mode

NYC feels unsafe ‘for the first time in my life,’ ex-Gov. Paterson says.

No, Gov. Hochul: Tommy Bailey’s death and those of countless others are your fault. As the editorial points out, she even had the gall to suggest in August that we wait to “see whether or not the system can start functioning the way we intended” as she took any changes off the table until she gets elected — holding the lives of the public she allegedly serves hostage to her own political ambitions.

NYC shoplifter with 153 arrests booked again after fleecing three Rite Aids. The fact that this person has 153 arrests and is still out on the streets is mindboggling. What this has cost the consumer – add in the cost of all the looting and destroying property – is also mindboggling. These costs just add to the inflation that New Yorkers and all of Americans are paying.

Gov. Kathy Hochul has promoted a major advocate of the state’s controversial bail-reform laws to become one of her top legal advisers — even as she claims to have vigorously worked to change the lax rules.  Governor Hochul has no intention of changing the controversial bail-reform laws, even more reason to vote her OUT! It is up the voters who care about their safety to elect Lee Zeldin and Save Our State.

Hochul turns deaf ear to question of helping NYC handle migrant crisis.

What you’re paying to lure chip plant to Kathy Hochul’s anti-business New York.

No neighborhood is safe: Two shot outside NY gov. hopeful Rep. Lee Zeldin’s Long Island home while twin daughters inside.

Kendra’s Law must be expanded to tackle the mental health crisis in NYC.

The Post endorses Marc Molinaro in NY-19 House race

Tulsi Gabbard Leaves the Democratic Party. Two questions for the former Congresswoman from Hawaii:  1) What took you so long and 2) How can your second podcast top this?

‘They Treat Me Like a Piece of S—’: Raphael Warnock’s Church Pays for His Home. It’s Also Trying To Evict the Poor From Theirs.

The End of Debate

Two more (federal government) planes carrying immigrant children land at Orange County Airport

$370 Billion in Taxpayer Dollars for WHAT? The Matching Funds Fairness Doctrine

U.S. Presidents Refuse to Protect the U.S. from North Korea’s Nukes

Washington’s Double Legal Standards.

Seriously??  And they haven’t lost their license to practice medicine? Top Hospital Claims Children Can Know They’re Trans ‘From the Womb’

Another, Seriously??  Dogs and cats to get a bill of rights in, yes, you guessed it, California

The Revival of Phonics May Sound the Death Knell for Tyranny