Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Columbus Day, the ballot propositions, Biden visits the Mid-Hudson region and our 60th Anniversary Celebration on October 18, 2022

Columbus Day Weekend

 Columbus Day is an important part of the Italian American culture here in America. It was designated to celebrate the United States of America and our commitment to growing as a nation and welcoming in hard working immigrants in search of contributing to our society and achieving the American dream.

Between 1880 and 1924, more than four million Italians immigrated to America and got right to work providing labor in factories and mines. They built roads, tunnels, homes, skyscrapers and dams. They started small businesses, many of which still thrive today.

Christopher Columbus Day is not an excuse to honor just one man, but an opportunity to celebrate a journey that led to over five hundred years of immigration from all over the world. America provides opportunity unlike anywhere else. We welcome with open arms those who wish to come to our great country the right way, work hard, and contribute to American society in search of a better life for their families.

The short sighted attempt by the woke liberal left to cancel Columbus Day is wrong. Those who truly have no understanding of what we are celebrating continue their shortsighted efforts to cancel what Christopher Columbus accomplished without today’s technology. I remain committed to celebrating Columbus Day every second Monday of October and celebrating all the contributions Italian Americans have made, and continue to make, to the greatest country on earth—The United States of America.


The Conservative Party organizations in the counties of the City of New York sent the below press release out on 10/5/22.

The Conservative Party urges voters to support its nominees by voting for its candidates on Column “C” and to reject all four ballot propositions by voting “NO” on each question.

The Conservative Party of New York State opposes Proposition One. This statewide referendum, known as the Environmental Bond Act of 2022, asks New York voters to authorize new state debt of $4.2 billion through the sale of bonds for certain capital projects relating to the environment.

“New Yorkers do not need another $4.2 billion in public debt, together with its resulting debt service, due to actions by the Federal Reserve, will be issued at the highest interest rates New Yorkers have seen in decades,” said New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “We fear New York State’s reputation for unchecked spending will result in the possibility of the state legislature spending the entirety of the $4.2 billion on projects that should be paid with existing authorized debt, new federal sources, and pay as you go where possible.”

The Conservative Party organizations in the counties of the City of New York additionally oppose Propositions Two, Three, and Four. These citywide referendums propose meritless statements of value, divisive racial equity plans, and the adoption of dubious cost of living metrics. They are contrived proposals based upon dishonest claims peddled by the professional grievance industry. Not only are they a waste of taxpayer money, but they are each in direct conflict with the values of personal achievement, equality of opportunity, and free enterprise, all of which made New York a once-great city.

“Once again, the liberal government officials of the City of New York have missed the mark,” said Kings County Chairwoman Frances T. Vella-Marrone. “Instead of focusing on the real problems facing the City such as increased crime, rise in the cost of living and a broken education system, they are presenting the voters with proposals that will do nothing to improve the lives of New Yorkers but rather encourage division and waste the taxpayers money.”

“With the current state of our city, the last thing we need to do is pass these propositions,” said Bronx County Chairman Patrick McManus. “We are ALL New Yorkers and any measure put forth should serve to unite us rather than divide us!”

“With rising crime and a declining quality of life, New Yorkers do not need foolish proposals for fabricated problems,” said Richmond County Chairman David Mario Curcio. “It is precisely these types of divisive and destructive policies that motivated our county organization to endorse the municipal independence of Staten Island from the City of New York last year. Just say no.”

Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2022, preceded by nine scheduled days of early voting. The Conservative Party encourages voters to VOTE COLUMN “C” for candidates and to VOTE “NO” on all four ballot proposal questions which will appear on the reverse side of the ballot.

President Biden in the Mid-Hudson

 President Biden visited the Mid-Hudson to tout all he has done to help IBM. In reality, he found something to take credit for on his way to two fundraisers, one held in New Jersey and the other in New York City. Both fundraisers were in support for Democratic House and Senate candidates who see no cause for concern with inflation and crime, both of which are crippling New Yorker’s.

If he really wanted to help Democrats, he wouldn’t use a governmental trip as a cover to attend two high priced fundraisers. He would instead work to secure the Southern Border and get inflation under control. More than 17,000 illegal immigrants have been bussed to New York City alone since the summer, causing Eric Adams to declare a State of Emergency. The irony and hypocrisy from the Mayor are astounding. In August, the Del Rio Sector alone recorded more than 50,000 apprehensions. Overall, Texas has more than 100,000 border crossings a month. What New York City and Mayor Adams are experiencing is a drop in the bucket compared to what is happening in Texas. Mayor Adams is failing the City of New York by not calling on the Biden Administration to secure the border.

60TH Anniversary Reception

 We are less than two weeks away from our 60th Anniversary Reception featuring keynote speaker, Larry Kudlow, and our guest of honor, John Gizzi. I look forward to seeing everyone in New Rochelle on October 18th as we gather to celebrate our honorees and rally to get out our vote and elect Lee Zeldin this November.

Please visit us on our website to purchase your tickets today.

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