We have 36 days to turn this ship around…working together it will happen.

New York Republican, Conservative parties challenge parts of absentee ballot process.  The NY Post also covered the filing of the lawsuit: Lawsuit targets absentee voting in NY with COVID excuse before November elections

Listen to what our chairman has to say on The Capitol Connection #2239 – New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar.

Does this surprise anyone?  Gov. Hochul raised taxes many times while on Hamburg board.

I guess it wasn’t so secret, was it Governor?  Hochul secretly huddles with billionaire megadonor who had hospitals bailed out by state. “Meanwhile, the Daily Beast wrote in a 2021 expose of Rovt’s business dealings during the COVID-19 outbreak: “The vast domain Rovt built with his state contracts, grants, and approvals were the scene of some of the outbreak’s worst carnage.”

The rise of ‘super perps’ exposes Gov. Hochul’s lies about fixing the no-bail law

Why do you put your “social justice” agenda before the needs of your constituents?  And more importantly, why do your constituents continue to elect you?  State Sen. Michael Gianaris doubles down on bail reform, poster boy Pedro Hernandez.

Police unions snub Letitia James, back GOP’s Michael Henry for NY attorney general

Dems’ tellingly desperate abortion smear of Marc Molinaro

The Post endorses Mike Lawler in NY-17 House race

This is the result of “Woke” appointees to the Parole Board:  Westchester cop killer to be paroled 46 years after murder.  A man who devoted 20 years of his life to protecting people is murdered and the murderer gets 46 years of his life with food and housing (I am sure it was unpleasant, but that isn’t the point) and he now gets freedom to live out the rest of his natural life.   Save or State, Elect Lee Zeldin on November 8, 2022

How $600 billion was stolen from the American people

They’re Redistributing Wealth, Not Fighting Inflation

Biden Administration’s Gift to Russia: Iran Nuke Deal

Russia Will Use Its Ally, a Nuclear-Armed Iran, to Better Threaten the West

New York has a new landing spot for secret migrant flights

Kari Lake Flips the Script on Reporter Attempting Abortion ‘Gotcha’

Never Let a Devastating Natural Disaster Go to Waste

DeSantis Spox Rebukes Harris for Proposing Hurricane Aid Based on ‘Equity’: ‘Must Be Clarified’

Politico’s Headline About DeSantis and Disaster Relief Was Interesting

Why the Chances for a Republican Senate Takeover Just Increased Dramatically.  If nothing else, there is one sentence that will make you laugh out loud in Matt Vespa’s column. (Hint, it is in the 3rd paragraph.)

How 1 Small European Study Changed Transgender Medicine in US

You Can’t Eat Without Natural Gas

A 5th Century Roman’s Guide to Happiness in a World Full of Pain, Loss, and Injustice