Hochul shows no remorse for “pay-to-play” deal; “Would do all that again.”

Americans come together when hurricanes (and other tragedies) strike; here is how you can help those impacted by Hurricanes Ian and Fiona; every little bit during these inflationary times will help. If you can’t donate, prayers to comfort those struggling with the devastation would also be welcomed.

If Hochul really wanted to crusade against fraud, she’d be ordering an investigation into . . . herself

Hochul campaign hired son of donor tied to $637M ‘pay-to-play’ COVID deal

NYC gives Hochul lead over Zeldin, but gov race neck and neck in suburbs: poll

National Math Conference Trains Teachers to Push Anti-Racism, Social Justice in Classrooms

“Parents are the only decision-makers who prioritize their children’s needs exclusively. We don’t balance the competing needs of donors, unions and political allies.”  As Democrats who care about our kids’ schools, we’re voting for Zeldin

A Look at Covid Learning Loss in NYC

The state puts a pricey condition on its approval of a heart transplant center

News for Stacy Abrams:  Fetal Heartbeats Are a Scientific Fact and were first heard in the late 1960’s but only through ultrasound have they been understood to be a fetal heartbeat.

Biden Has Opened Door to Russian Nuke Strikes

John Podesta: Biden’s New Green Investment Czar

‘Where’s Jackie?’: Biden Searches for Deceased Congresswoman in Crowd

Why is this happening in the medical world; why do those who take an oath to first do no harm choose to fight for the right for gender-affirming treatments? Health Organizations Challenge Florida Medicaid Rule Blocking ‘Gender-Affirming’ Treatments.

First Openly Transgender Army Officer Indicted for Trying to Give Soldiers’ Medical Info to Russia

We can’t afford another deBacle: Eric Adams must focus on war on crime, not welcoming mat for migrants; “Plain for all to see, he is taking his focus off the crucial war against crime that got him elected and is putting his attention on turning the city into a vast welcoming mat for foreign migrants.”

Another insightful column by Guy Benson: Obama: Let’s Face It, Republicans Who Oppose Illegal Immigration Are Racists in Townhall.com and a similar one in the NY Post:  Sorry, Deporter-in-Chief Obama: Opposing open borders isn’t racist.

What I’m Seeing on Texas’ Border With Mexico

File this under Desperado: Scandal-scarred Andrew Cuomo reemerges with new PAC and podcast.  How is he going to survive his podcast tanking and his PAC as a complete failure because all he does is tainted by his lack of judgement.

File this under Good News All Over the World, Conservatives Waking Up to Threat of New Marxists

The Surprising Relationship between Economics and Theology.