How much has Kathy Hochul cost the taxpayers of New York by her inexperience and pay-to-play in governing New York…more than anyone can afford!

Forget ‘cruelty’ of Martha’s Vineyard: Biden’s open border has let cartels kill more Americans from fentanyl than any terror org.

Hochul touts ‘crackdown’ after $11M more lost in unemployment fraud. From the article: “The Times Union, citing a review of internal labor department correspondence and interviews with employees on the front lines of the Department of Labor call center, reported in September 2020 (emphasis added) that the lowering of the safeguards by the administration of former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo was enabling widespread fraud.”  The article also notes that the Hochul “crackdown” is going after “More than $11 million was paid in August (emphasis added) to people who were working while also receiving unemployment insurance, according to a release from Hochul’s office.”  For almost two years, fraud continued, but now that Hochul is facing election in six weeks, she is cracking down? Kathy Hochul has proved repeatedly, in her relativity short tenure, she doesn’t care one iota about how your tax dollars are wasted due to pay-to-play, ignorance, and/or mismanagement.  Kathy “the accidental governor” Hochul must be voted OUT of office if New York has a chance to recover from the debacle caused by one-party rule.

You can SAVE OUR STATE; Elect Lee Zeldin!

Only you can help end headlines like thisTeen Gunned Down by Group in Ski Masks During Bloody 24 Hours in NYC and the never ending videos that show uncalled for horrific brutality: NYC vagrant pummels female straphanger in caught-on-video horror: cops; and the follow up article:  Queens subway-attack victim Elizabeth Gomes could lose vision in right eye. This article outlines the long criminal history of the attacker, including the fact that at age 14 he killed his foster grandmother over money and was currently on parole.

Get involved NOW, there are only 6 weeks left to SAVE OUR STATE.

Seriously? How pathetic!  Liberals Giddy Over Hurricane Ian Because It Might Hurt Ron DeSantis

Rich Lowry writes in today’s NY Post:  Dems’ pathetic ‘it’s racist!’ defense on crime

Tell New Yorkers the truth, Mr. Mayor: Migrant wave isn’t Abbott’s fault — it’s Biden’s

Americans increasingly unhappy with Biden’s handling of economy: poll

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan to cost about $400 billion: CBO  (And we all know their numbers are usually lower than actual costs.)

Guy Benson’s analysis on the latest polling:  Wave Watch: Why a Blockbuster New WaPo/ABC Poll Is a Midterm Nightmare for Democrats

China: The ‘Massive’ Threat.

AOC Tweet Shows She Doesn’t Know Meaning of Oppression. Iranian Women Could Tell Her.

The Empire Center reports that the Number of Educators Paid Six-Figures Jumps Fifty Percent in Ten Years

Read it and make your own decision:  Top Vaccine Expert to Young People: Don’t Get the COVID Vaccine Booster.

Jeff Minick writes about Me and the Dude Go Looking for My Leader.  With all the ugliness around us lately, this will give you a smile while being serious about who we are as a nation.

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