Jen Psaki has a Sister Souljah moment.

Lee Zeldin writes in the NY Post that New Yorkers, facing poorly performing schools, need more choice.

Without a doubt, this is the most important long term agenda Americans must correct:  Students exit the K-12 system with an anti-American worldview.

GOP’s Molinaro leads Dem Riley in Hudson Valley race that could tip House control: poll

Michael Goodwin’s Sunday column is a must read (and redistribute to family & friends. I would include Facebook, but their history would probably put you in Facebook jail.):  Media midterm games at border

Hillary Clinton has become so irrelevant that she has reverted to calling Trump supporters Nazis; Madam Secretary, your 15 minutes of fame are long over, crawl back to the deep, dark cave you emerge from when you cravenly capitulate to your diminishing supporters.

Another person trying to become relevant again:  Ex-Clinton adviser predicts Dems will ‘dump’ Biden in favor of Hillary in 2024

New Yorkers need to protect cops — and themselves — by ousting Hochul & Co. this November.

Hochul’s insane green power scheme may raise New Yorkers’ power costs. This on top of what many are saying, energy bills are in for a steep increase this year;  How the NYPIRG recommends saving money on heating this winter

ICYMI: Andrea Stewart-Cousins won’t address $637 million Hochul ‘pay-to-play’ scandal.  Why not, Senator? Do you not have an obligation to the taxpayers who are forced to overpay when government’s attitude is “pay to play” is acceptable; by not addressing the problem it is tacit permission to allow it to continue.

Ken Girardin writes:  City union scandal isn’t NY’s first.

A surprising moment of honesty from Psaki: If midterms are a ‘referendum’ on Biden, Democrats are doomed

Katie Pavlich:  The FBI Lied to a Judge So They Could Bust Open Thousands of Safety Deposit Boxes.

Who Gets Hurt From High Gas and Diesel Prices? There’s More Harm Than You Think.

Biden Admin Launches ‘Environmental Justice’ Office.

 Will Biden Get Bailed Out On, ‘She Was 12, & I Was 30?’

Biden Administration Standing Idly By While Iran’s Mullahs Advance to Nuclear Bomb.

Amazon Provides Cloud Technology for a Chinese Military Company

Why Adam Smith Said ‘Virtue Is More to Be Feared Than Vice’

These 3 Women Tried Transgenderism, and Then Stopped

I am flabbergasted how vanity will drive some people to do this:  Tech workers getting leg-lengthening surgery that costs up to $150K: report