Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Biden at U.N., Hochul Sells out New Yorkers to Campaign Donor and Adams Questioning Congestion Pricing.

Biden at U.N.

Biden said that we will never allow Iran to have nuclear capabilities, but those are just more words coming from a President and a Government that turned a blind eye to the human rights atrocities that have defined Iran for decades. Iran is a rogue state that uses a morality police to enforce suppression against women and all those who oppose their dictatorial rules.

I joined literally hundreds of Iranian freedom supporters at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza as they chanted their opposition to President Raisi as he spoke to the General Assembly.

For the UN to remain relevant, individuals like Raisi representing terrorist states must not be allowed to address the world. The United States made that mistake in the 1940’s, when we allowed the United Nations headquarters to be in New York. Now, 80 years later, we are constantly reminded of how serious an error this has been.

Allowing Iran and other anti-American terrorist states free access to address the United Nations and the world, defies the original charter of the United Nations. Foreign nations prone to hurt their own, in addition to Americans, should not be welcomed with open arms.

Read my full statement here.

Hochul Sells out New Yorkers to Campaign Donor

It is mindboggling how awful the Cuomo/Hochul, and now Hochul, administration have been during the COVID pandemic.

Governor Hochul wants us to believe that she is exempt from responsibility for the many preventable nursing home deaths and cover up that trailed itself back to the Governor’s Executive Office in which she served as the second in command. Her excuse, that they did not communicate on the matter, is not a very good defense when you have a constitutional responsibility. Ignorance and failure to do the job is what someone of integrity would say, that is not who Kathy Hochul is.

Now we have a Hochul scandal that links her with a scam to provide a large campaign donor

with a no bid contract to provide COVID testing products at a price well above what other states were paying. Once again Hochul pleaded ignorance but has since been shown to have attended a fundraiser thrown by the vendor, Digital Gadgets, for her campaign a short time before the Hochul administration awarded them the bid free contract amounting to $637 million dollars, 45% more than what California paid.

Adams Questioning Congestion Pricing

 Frankly, I have not been impressed by the Adams administration, but I am pleased to see him coming around on congestion pricing.

Congestion pricing is all about the West Side wonks telling New Yorkers what is good for them.

The plan is no more than a Hochul backed bail out of a faltering MTA. New York City refuses to enforce toll evasions which is costing the city hundreds of millions. Now, they’re planning to punish drivers in an effort to make up for the deficit.

Believe it or not, there is an easy solution—enforce the law. Ticket turn style jumpers and toll evaders. Law-abiding taxpayers are fed up with answering financially to a city not willing to hold those most likely to break laws accountable. This year its drivers paying additional tolls to enter Manhattan, next year it will be an added 2% tax with a creative name, further squeezing New Yorker’s out of the state. It must stop.

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