Big news from Texas Federal court…

How much in favors does $34 million in donations buy, governor?

No, Gov. Hochul did NOT fix the bail fiasco — and the hatchet man proves it.

MSNBC figures, Democrats call for DeSantis, Abbott to be prosecuted over ‘human trafficking’ claims/Republican governors were also accused of kidnapping and compared to human smugglers. Really people? Have you forgotten who started transporting “the migrants” in the middle of the night? In case you have, it was the Biden Administration. MSNBC probably didn’t think it was newsworthy enough to cover it, but now that the Governors, who have dealt with this problem since the Biden Administration came in, are now using the Biden Playbook, it is “human trafficking”.  MSNBC must think their viewers are gullible, oh wait a minute, they are.

DeSantis’s Migrant Move Marks ‘New Low in Politics,’ Says Communist Nation Engaged in Genocide Against Muslims.

DeSantis Has Chosen Where He’s Sending Migrants Next and the WH Press Secretary Is Not Happy.

Surging number of suspected terrorists nabbed jumping Mexico border this year

Mayor Adams won’t blame Biden for role in migrant surge but bashes GOP.

EXCLUSIVE: Republicans Accuse State Department of ‘Radical Gender Imperialism’

Taxes exceed buying essentials in Biden’s America.

How the Government is Causing a Credit Card Debt Crisis

It’s ‘Unreasonable’ for Banks to Share Your Financial Info With the Government, 8 in 10 Americans Say.

Watch this case:  Federal court rules Big Tech has no ‘freewheeling First Amendment right to censor’.