New York’s political history is poised to repeat itself in November.

KASSAR: New Yorkers Should Expect The Unexpected With Zeldin In November — Just Look At History. “New York is undeniably a blue state by party registration — it’s more than 2-1 Democrat — but its voters are anything but monolithic. Indeed, if there is one consistency in New York politics it’s this: when Democrats screw up; when they move too far to the left — when crime and taxes become unbearable — everyday New Yorkers of all parties turn to the Republican and conservative parties to bail them out. Congressman Lee Zeldin, a U.S. Army veteran, is poised to be the next Republican governor of New York for a reason: He’s offering voters at the exact right time the relief they need from crime, the rising cost of living, and public corruption. If history is any guide, and it always is, expect the unexpected in November. New Yorkers are in the market for a bailout again.”

Leaked docs show Hochul milked donors of more than $1M just after Buffalo massacre.

California paid 45 percent less for tests supplied by Hochul donor.

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NY state troopers union boost Chuck Schumer challenger Joe Pinion for Senate

Biden says Republicans are ‘playing politics’ after transporting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, VP’s home. It is amazing that President Biden calls such actions “political stunts” and “un-American.”  Really, what was it when your administration resumes after-dark migrant flights to airport outside NYC in April, 2022.  This is from October , 2021:  Biden Administration Quietly Flies Illegal Immigrants to New York in Middle of Night: Report.  Of course, the Biden Administration denies there was a hidden agenda and has like thinking individuals try to debunk what has happened since the border has been thrown wide open.  You should also be aware that this is happening as well:  Pols hide behind charities to welcome illegals.  Yesterday, Gavin Newsom asked DOJ to consider ‘kidnapping’ charges after GOP governors ship migrants out of state, by his reasoning, shouldn’t President Biden be subject to the same scrutiny? In case you missed this, tony Martha’s Vineyard already moved  the 50 or so migrants brought there yesterday to Cape Code with the help of 125 National Guard members.  Seriously, Gov. Charlie Baker, you needed 125 National Guard members to move 50 mostly Venezuelans? You noted that the move was necessary because “the island communities are not equipped to provide sustainable accommodation, and state officials developed a plan to deliver a comprehensive humanitarian response.”  Have you seen what has happened to the cities and towns along our southern border since this influx began? Did you even care? If you genuinely cared about these people, you should have reached out to help! And that goes for President Biden as well instead of transporting them in the dark of night. BTW, President Biden, why didn’t you and then President Biden fix the immigration crisis when from 2009 to 2011 the House had 257 Democratic Members and the Senate had 57 Democratic Members instead of continuing to place the blame on republicans?

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