Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up wishes all a Happy Labor Day.

Happy Labor Day

In the annals of modern history, few nations can boast about the productivity of its work force more than the United States.

From the mighty creator of the fortress of democracy, to the industrial revolution, the progression of electronics, to cyber technology—the “Made In America” label is what consumers value, and nothing compares to American ingenuity.

Labor Day is about the men and women who made, and continue today, to make American great. From America’s inception to the modern day, New York was built by those who worked hard in pursuit of the American dream for their families. The nearly 2 million members of New York’s Labor Unions continue on that journey today.

We must focus on advancement, not regression. The current President and his administration are more interested in hand outs, not hand ups. They have fostered in a new generation of entitlements and giveaways, not hard work and opportunity. We must return to what made us, as Ronald Reagan said, “the shining city upon a hill.” At our core, we are a people who indeed still value hard work. We must work to foster those same principles to those who are following in our footsteps.

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