Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the August Primaries and Gov. Hochul wants you gone.

Tuesday’s Election Results

 Although the Conservative Party did not have a perfect Election Day, the overall results this past Tuesday were good. Our lone loss in New York 19 was a hotly contested race which saw Marc Molinaro fall just short. Hindered by high turnout due to multiple Democratic primaries, I fully expect a different result in the 19th District this November that will result in a Molinaro victory.

However, all six of our endorsed candidates running in Republican primaries for Congress won. This is huge news and ushers in a unified Conservative and Republican ticket.

In the 22nd Congressional District (Onondaga/Madison/Oneida) Conservative Party candidate Brandon Williams overwhelmed Steve Wells, who outspent Williams many times over, and had support out of Washington DC.

In the 17th Congressional District, Mike Lawler won both the Conservative and Republican primaries that resulted from the twists and turns of the redistricting season.

In the 23rd Congressional District, Conservative Party candidate for congress Nick Langworthy won a nationally watched primary and is now poised for victory this November.

They join our many other Congressional candidates from all corners of the state that are pushing back against the Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer progressive DC agenda. We would like to congratulate Nick LaLota, Nicole Malliotakis, Claudia Tenney and Andrew Garbarino on their strong victories.

To close out the federal elections, congratulations are in order to Congressman Elect Joe Sempolinski who won the Special Election in the 23rd District and will be finishing the remainder of the retiring Tom Reed’s term.

Several Assembly candidates moved up to Senate nominations creating vacancies that will be filled for Assembly over the next few weeks. Additionally, a few State Senate primaries saw GOP/Conservative endorsements becoming aligned in two cases, and in one case a registered Conservative winning a Conservative Party primary in the Cayuga/Onondaga area creating a three-way race in November.

The players are now in place for November. The readers of this wrap-up are our first line in a battle that will affect our state and nation. If you are not already involved call our Conservative Party State Headquarters at 718-921-2158 so we can put you in touch with a campaign or party leader.

Read my full statement on Tuesday’s results here.

Hochul Wants You Gone

 “Just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK?” That directly from the mouth of unelected Governor Kathy Hochul to anyone who disagrees with her. These comments came as Hochul stumped in NY-19 for Democrat Pat Ryan who emphatically shook his head in agreement with Hochul.

Strong words from Governor Cuomo’s rubber stamp who is only in the position she is in because the former disgraced Governor couldn’t keep his hands to himself. New York has lost over 1.5 million residents the last decade and now the Governor is telling over 5 million more to get lost. Someone should tell her that New York and her 220 billion dollar budget can’t afford to lose more taxpaying residents to the likes of Florida, Texas, or North Carolina.

New York City residents pay the country’s highest combined state and local income tax rate and now, according to Hochul, your money isn’t even good enough for New York if you consider yourself in any way Conservative.

 Governor Hochul owes millions of New Yorkers a sincere apology. Read my full statement on her comments here.

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