Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Mar-A-Lago raid, Texas sends migrants to New York, Hochul double downs, early voting and special elections on August 23rd.


So far, the Justice Department and FBI have failed to explain why they needed to break 200 plus years of precedence by raiding a former President’s home for purposes of locating documents that were part of ongoing discussions.

Most Americans, including myself, looked at this action as an overreach of federal authority on a potential political opponent, much like you’d see in a third world country. It is also abundantly clear a double standard exists when it comes to the Justice Departments action with individuals like Hunter Biden being shielded from investigations.

Please read my full statement here.

Texas Sends Migrants to New York

 I had hope for Mayor Adams. That hope is fading as he trips over his own polices and then moves to blame others. He wanted a sanctuary city, and he got one. Now when Texas and other southern border states look to send some asylum seekers to places like New York, he suddenly wants to have nothing to do with them.

Make no mistake about it, I am not at all encouraging New York to welcome buses of illegal immigrants looking to use poorly constructed federal laws to allow most anyone crossing the border that turns themselves into authorities to claim some form of asylum.

Adams should be focusing on Biden border policies and the issue of unchecked immigration over our southern borders. Even better, he should give Vice President Harris a call and suggest that they board one of those NYC bound buses and take it back to Texas to see the border for themselves.

Hochul Doubles Down

 I will not discuss changing the bail laws until a new legislature is seated in January, Governor Hochul recently declared. I have two comments on her line in the sand:

1.) we would all be better off having Lee Zeldin in office January 1st so that we really will have a repeal of the supposed criminal justice reform that makes it difficult to keep most criminals in jails

2.) having more Republican/Conservative Senators and Assembly-Members would complement Lee’s efforts as our Governor very nicely.

Hochul is just awful. She wants to keep the extreme left of her party in line and does not care how out of touch that makes her with the majority of New York residents on law and order issues. She knows it is reaching a tipping point, causing her to punt to next year. Let’s make sure Hochul does not have a next year in government.

Early Voting and Primary Day

 Early voting begins tomorrow Saturday, August 13 and runs through Sunday, August 21. It is imperative we get our family and friends out to vote for Conservative Party endorsed candidates all over the state.

We are asking Republicans to vote for Nick LaLota, Andrew Garbarino, Nicole Malliotakis, Brandon Williams, Claudia Tenney, and Nick Langworthy in their primaries!

Special Elections

 There are two Special Elections August 23 in New York’s 19th and 23RD Congressional Districts that are must wins for the State of New York.

Conservative Party members will play a pivotal role in electing Marc Molinaro in NY-19 and Joe Sempolinski in NY-23! Early voting begins TOMORROW August 13th and runs through August 21st.

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