Has a Pulitzer Prize become more important that getting the news right?

What if this is the only article people read today (and missed the one below) Newsweek: AG Garland Had ‘No Prior Knowledge’ of Mar-a-Lago Raid. Granted, Guy Benson, had a lot of “ifs” in his take on all the assumptions swirling in newsrooms, but it begs the question…with all the reporters relying on breaking the Pulitzer Prize winning article, who do we put our faith in when needing the truth? Guy Benson is a good reporter and didn’t fall for all the rumors from those on the “inside,” but I am certain far too many did. (This no way  infers that all the below articles are seeking a Pulitzer.)

DOJ asks court to unseal Mar-a-Lago raid warrant; AG Merrick Garland personally signed off on Trump search

The FBI’s Mar-a-Lago ‘Raid’: It’s about the Capitol Riot, Not the Mishandling of Classified Information

FBI Trump raid exposes Washington’s secrecy shams

If Merrick Garland doesn’t give a solid, fast reason for raiding Trump’s home, he’s probably just re-elected him.

The Establishment Has Emerged From the Shadows. They’re Betting That You Won’t Care.

BREAKING FROM AG GARLANDDOJ asks court to unseal Mar-a-Lago raid warrant; AG Merrick Garland personally signed off on Trump search

Latest Inflation Report Shows Americans Won’t Get Relief From High Prices Soon

From the Empire Center:  “Inflation Reduction Act” Holds the SALT

Democrats’ Inane Stock-Buyback Tax

Recession Deniers Will Give Us a Depression.

The US Must Ditch Its Incoherent Policy on Taiwan

File this under “I need more IRS agents to force me to pay because I am apathetic and won’t unless someone makes me:” Tax Delinquent Dem Backs Plan To Hire Army of New IRS Agents.

How Democrats’ IRS Expansion Would Empower Ruling Elites to Target Americans

The Demonization of Dissent

Teachers Unions Politicized U.S. Schools, Not Parents

Fact-check: abortions bans in US will NOT increase maternal mortality

Reproductive choice is a choice to have children. Anything else is a fraud. Period.

Trans: a threat to my daughter, my family, and women’s healthcare.

Mayor Adams take note:  No sympathy for sanctuary cities.