Christopher Wray is turning the Federal Bureau of Investigation into the Frivolous Business Indefinitely Agency…

Was the FBI’s Raid on Mar-a-Lago the Biggest In-Kind Contribution to Trump’s 2024 Bid?

Russia Hoaxer Spills the Beans: FBI Raid All About Rigging 2024 Against Trump.

Andrew McCarthy writes:  Trump raid not about classified documents — it’s about Jan. 6

New Details About Judge Who Approved Mar-A-Lago Raid Raises All Sorts of Red Flags

Three quick thoughts on what we know about Mar-a-Lago raid so far

Hunter Biden double standard on display in wake of Trump FBI raid, GOP says.

Jeff Minick writes in Intellectual Takeout:  The ‘American KGB’ Goes to Work

Miranda Devine opines:  FBI Director Christopher Wray is guiding the agency the wrong way, fast

Biden Admits He Has No Idea What’s in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Middle-class Americans to bear brunt of IRS audits under Dem inflation bill, analysis shows

New York will no longer use ‘inmate’ for people in prison. Governor Hochul’s remarks included the following:  “In New York, we’re doing everything in our power to show that justice and safety can go hand-in-hand,” Hochul said. “We can make our streets and communities safer by giving justice-involved individuals the chance to complete their rehabilitation program and work at the same time. By treating all New Yorkers with dignity and respect, we can improve public safety while ensuring New Yorkers have a fair shot at a second chance.”  My question to Governor Hochul is:  Where was the dignity and respect for the victim? Let me know when you can answer that question, Governor. Every New Yorker knows hardly anyone goes to prison as a first time offender (except if the crime is heinous) so by giving an accused person the benefit of a second (or more) chance, it sends a signal that the offense wasn’t all that offensive.  Instead of accepting that as their “second chance” many continue their crime spree. (Just read the papers there are too many articles to list.)  So, Governor Hochul, where was the “dignity and respect” for the innocent victims whose lives were disrupted by the “incarcerated individuals”? Hochul must go, her wokeness and desire to be the first elected female governor, is what drives her, when her first priority should be the safety of all New Yorkers. Elect Lee Zeldin on November 8, 2022.

Ken Girardin writes in today’s NY Post:  State senators to get a harsh reality check as their own workers unionize

Nicholas Capaldi writes about The Joke That Is Higher Education

Arizona Dem Praised Radical Immigration Group That Harassed Sinema; you should also know that Kirsten Engel is a law professor at the University of Arizona. Can’t help but wonder what she is teaching her students.

Public School System in Need of Major Reforms—or Burial

Back-to-School Blues: Droves of Americans Ditching Public School

Jeffrey H. Anderson writes in City-Journal that Masks Still Don’t Work/More than two years on, the best scientific evidence says that masks don’t stop Covid—and public health officials continue to ignore it.

The reality is that all this pollster had to do was to read any paper that still reports the news to learn the this:  Progressive Pollster Finds That People Oppose Progressive Policies.

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