Mayor Adams, what do you expect when New York City is a self-professed sanctuary city?

The Democratic Party elites continue to portray themselves as the Party that believes what is preached as right for you isn’t remotely good for them. For example, the NYC and Washington, DC Mayor’s had no problem with the Biden Administration letting, make that encouraging, people to cross our southern borders without restrictions and staying in the southern states.  The ever-increasing influx of people crossing the southern border illegally, who need a place to live, need health care, need an education, need fundamentals like food, transportation and a job, didn’t have an impact on their sanctuary cities, so they have remained silent about the constant flux of illegals.

Things have changed, instead of the federal government flying these illegals – in the dead of night without any notice to the local governments – Governor Abbott and Governor Doug Ducey are bussing them to NY and DC, during the day and in the open and letting officials know.  What also speaks volumes is that Mayor Adams expected 40 illegals and only about 14 got off the bus.  “The mayor suggested that the most likely reason was because of the fear that something was going to happen to them if they came to this location, people got off earlier.”  The Mayor may be right, which is even more upsetting to those who live in New York City because his “marquee campaign promise is to make the city safer while ensuring that policing is done appropriately and without racial bias.”  Instead, the NYPD is seeing an ever increasing exodus of officers and brazen crime increasing.   Alas, 8 months have gone by, and the city is not safer; and he cannot even get Governor Hochul to understand the need to  eliminate the most obvious reasons.

Mayor Eric Adams and Mayor Muriel Bowser are crying foul;  they have failed to visit he southern border and not have any concept of what the southern states have been going through since Joe Biden took an oath of office to uphold the laws of the United States. Both mayors are hypocrites (Mayor Adams went so far as to condemn Gov Abbott)  for believing that it is okay for Texas and Arizona to be flooded with illegals and not the cities who celebrate their self-proclaimed sanctuary status.

Only YOU can change the narrative:  If you have never been involved in an election, now is the time to change that. Get involved and Save our State. From Newsmax:  Zeldin Blames ‘Pro-Criminal Push’ For Fueling Crime Spike.  Follow @leezeldin daily to see how dedicated he is to Saving our State. Lee Zeldin will be the next Governor of NY if we work together to Save our State.

Here’s the Truth About What ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Would Do.  This is a must read and distribute to family and friends, then vote everyone who voted for it OUT OF OFFICE, starting with New York’s own Senator Charles Schumer. Chuck Schumer’s only job in the private sector was during 3 years in high school working a mimeograph machine and getting dinner for his boss, Stanley Kaplan, the creator of Kaplan, Inc., the scholastic test preparation business. (It is often rumored that Schumer scored 1600 on his SAT’s…and I’m guessing the future politician certainly learned a lot working there…)  He has never had to run a business, meet payroll demands, provide benefits to employees or close a business due to a pandemic. Taxpayers have been paying his salary for 47 years and quite honestly will pay him until he passes on. His retirement check is guaranteed, unlike so many workers whose businesses have closed leaving the former employees with no retirement income. Over the weekend, his “leadership” just made it more difficult for every American to make ends meet. That is what Oligarchs do; take care of themselves (cater to those who would primary them; make colleagues beholden to them by giving a select few what they want in secret negotiations) without regard to the people who made this country the best in the world.

Senate Increases Government Spending by Passing $740 Billion Bill.

Casey B. Mulligan’s:  The Negative Economic Effects of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

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