Chuck Schumer’s family business…

The only inflation-fighter in Dems’ new bill is the name

Manchin’s Support May Hand EPA Power to Throttle Coal Industry

Manchin secures $6.6B W.Va. natural gas pipeline in side deal with Schumer.

Rich Lowry writes that Manchin’s double talk shows what a counterproductive mess his ‘inflation’ deal is

Joe Manchin pressed by Harris Faulkner on Inflation Reduction Act: I won’t ‘roll over’ to far left

Democrats rely on misleading messaging to sell Manchin-Schumer bill/Manchin-Schumer bill will bring tax hikes to most Americans, study says, despite Biden’s past promises.

This is one of those articles you should read; and then you will really want to drain the swamp!  Private Equity Giant Taps Schumer’s Son-in-Law as Lobbyist.

Cash Bonanza: Iran Has Made $44.7 Billion in Illegal Oil Sales Since Biden Took Office

Whoops! Department of Education Makes $300 Billion Accounting Mistake on Student Loans

Jerry Nadler Has a Bizarre Excuse for Why Students Shouldn’t Pay Their Bills

Timothy P. Carney opines in the Washington Examiner that Every high school, middle school, and elementary school should ban smartphones this school year

GOP now leads Democrats on the issue of education

Nicole Gelinas reminds us that Gov. Hochul is now just Andrew Cuomo 2.0

NYC murders, shootings spiked in July as part of 40% jump in major crimes in 2022

Soros can’t save soft-on-crime prosecutors.

Milton Ezrati writes in City-Journal:  Paper Tiger/Though it has achieved impressive historical growth, China’s centralized economic system is headed for trouble.

Andrew Cuff writes in the City-Journal:  Ohio’s Political Transformation/The former swing state is no longer up for grabs.

Robert Knight writes in the Washington Times: ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ is the latest example of the left’s outright lying

Why She Gave Her Baby Life After Being Raped at 14.