What will AG Merrick Garland do?

When did the Democratic Party become the Party that puts China before our own citizens? House Dems Block Vote to Ban Strategic Oil Sales to China.

Federal judge blocks Biden’s attempt to reinterpret discrimination laws.

Jill Biden hates half of America.

Roger Pielke Jr., a professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, opines in today’s NY Post:  What you really need to know about heat waves — and why it’ll surprise you.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz opines on How ‘abdication’ on crime, homelessness is killing businesses, also in today’s NY Post Op-Ed page.

Miranda Devine: Mayor Adams’ wake-up on migrant flights.

Are We Living Under a Kakistocracy: Government by the Worst?

House-Passed ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Isn’t About Marriage. It’s About Complying With Woke Ideology.

Will the Feds Charge Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden probe: ABC, NBC and CBS skip damning ‘critical stage’ report that charges are on table.

House GOP bets on assemblyman’s run to oust DCCC chair in New York congressional district.

This article was written in September, 2021 and it seems as if, nothing has been done to correct the abuse of the STOCK ActWolf of Washington: Pelosi Is Poised To Score Big From Semiconductor Bill. Mark Kelly Says Lawmakers Shouldn’t Use Their Offices for Profit. He May Have Done Just That. The current leaders of the House and Senate have, as of this date, done nothing to pass STOCK Act 2.0 that was introduced in February 2022. The House Bill’s sponsor is Katie Porter (D-CA) and has 3 co-sponsors; the Senate Bill’s sponsor is Kirstein Gillibrand (D-NY) and does not have any co-sponsors.  Both Bills have been introduced by Democrats, in a Democratic controlled House and Senate, and are still languishing in committee. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Teachers’ union survey backfires, turns into ‘epic self-own’ for Democrats, says education policy expert

An update on the heartbreaking article about a young girl who went from Ohio to Indiana to have an abortion. 10-Year-Old Rape Victim’s Mom Is in Domestic Relationship With Child’s Alleged Illegal Alien Rapist.

This headline writer has a sense of humor:   Poll: Even Zoomers Want TikTok Banned.  Do Zoomers know they just have to remove the app and not use it if they are upset their confidential information is being accessed by employees?