Americans need to wake up and return to the nation that used her 246 years wisely

How Angela Merkel’s Green Agenda Caused the Economic Collapse of Germany.

Of course, the identity of this young child must be protected, but that doesn’t mean that some scintilla of evidence that it actually happened should not be made public; especially when the President of the United States shines a spotlight on the tragedy.  If true, it is a crime, and the perpetrator must be held accountable.

The World Health Organization’s goal as stated by them is to be dedicated to the well-being of all people and guided by science, the World Health Organization leads and champions global efforts to give everyone, everywhere an equal chance to live a healthy life. Today they declared gender ‘exists on a continuum’ and is ‘beyond non-binary.’ Gender is ‘not limited to male or female,’ the WHO says. There are numerous problems for people who regret sex-change surgery.  The WHO should give up being “WOKE” and stick to taking care of the those who need immediate help to be healthy.  Hopefully, they will do a better job than they did with the Covid Pandemic.

There is something seriously wrong going on in my country of birth, America. Is this the reason we fought for our independence? What has happened to the Judeo-Christian values America was founded on. Biden Considers Declaring Public Health Emergency to Help Secure Abortion Access. I would be the first to acknowledge that there is separation of Church and state, but I want to know how Joe Biden receives Communion when he is considers declaring a public health emergency to help secure abortion access. With all due respect, Mr. President, you’ve crossed the line with your misguided reasoning.  It is morally reprehensible to use my tax dollars to pay for an abortion that I believe has a right to life. Apparently, way back in 1989, a certain now staunch pro-abortionist, felt the same way. Durbin Racks Up a Self-Own With Abortion Letter For the Congressional Record

This column explains part of what has gone wrong in our country. Biden’s wealthy and clueless White House.

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