Does Michael Moore have President Joe Biden’s ear?

Americans Regret Their 2020 Vote.

Joe Biden Hits a New Polling Low: 20 Below

Study in Contrast: Biden Approval Hits All-Time Low, Trump Approval Nears All-Time High.

Biden Admin Is Funding a Clinic That Distributes Crack Pipes. It just seems strange to me that a man who saw what a drug addiction did to his son, would consent to funding a clinic to distribute crack pipes. Wouldn’t spending money helping them get off drugs be wiser and safer than giving them crack pipes.

Biden, Schumer and Durbin sprint to fill judicial vacancies before possible GOP Senate takeover

Biden Casts New Bipartisan Bill as Starting Point on Gun-Control: ‘More Has to Be Done’

Michael Moore must have his ear:  ‘Completely Untethered to Reality’: Michael Moore Proposes an Amendment Targeting Gun Rights.

An update on how that Green Energy is doing:  German Energy Prices Jump Due to Wind Drought.  And then there is this:  California to Pivot to Fossil Fuels to Avoid Blackouts.

New Poll: Actually, American Women Are More Likely to Favor Abortion Restrictions Than Men.

This snowflake obviously does not think so:  ‘Enraged’ Army medic’s TikTok video ripping Roe v. Wade ruling goes viral

This article will set progressives into a complete tailspin also:  Ex-Trans Teenager Supports Florida Ban on Medicaid Funds for ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care.

Janet DiFiore, New York’s top judge, to step down Aug. 31. Interesting…2 years left before reaching mandatory retirement she is leaving…I cannot help but think being a moderate in a progressive state takes its toll.

Elections commissioners question costs of early voting.

Report: Ethics commission staff bungled Cuomo’s book approval.

The Washington Examiner’s editorial board writes about An opportunity to become the Parent Party.

MADS, the Condition Ravaging America.