The Roe v. Wade controversy continues with celebrities expounding misinformation…but it doesn’t seem to be censored by social media.

Miranda Devine tells it like it is:  Did reefer drive the Highland Park parade ‘killer’ Robert Crimo to madness?  It is an ill-fated ideal that government is more focused on collecting tax dollars from cannabis sales, rather than the scientific literature that increasingly shows that cannabis triggers psychosis. So far, it is the common link in the horrific mass shootings is cannabis.

Celebrities’ Misinformed Takes on Abortion and the End of Roe.  This is an excellent article to show just how misinformed the three celebrities discussed are; and how those who made them celebrities are foolish to think that just because they are a celebrity, they know what they are talking about.

Pro-life doctors push back on expanded access to abortion pills, post-Roe ‘fear-mongering’

New Poll Shows How Many Americans Want Abortion Legal Up Until Birth,  This is a VIP article, so I am not sure if you can access it.  The bottom line is that “55 percent of voters said they oppose the Supreme Court’s decisions to overturn Roe. This is compared to 45 percent of respondents who support the Court’s decision.”  However, “the poll delved into specific abortion restrictions. Broken down, 10 percent of respondents said that their state should allow abortion up to 9 months of pregnancy. Eighteen percent said 23 weeks. Twenty-three percent said 15 weeks. Twelve percent said up to six weeks. The largest chunk, 37 percent, said “only in cases of rape and incest.”  “… Combining the six-week limit, the 15-week limit and those who only allow abortion due to rape and incest is 72 percent of respondents.” Democrats think this is a winning issue; they also believe if we don’t go Green within 9 years, we won’t be able to save earth.

When did it become acceptable for prosecutors to pick and choose the laws they want to prosecute?  90 Democrat Prosecutors Refuse to Enforce Pro-Life Laws.

Bob McManus:  We are paying the violent price for refusing to lock people up — and treating them.

This really is unbelievableSelf-defense isn’t a crime — it’s time for Manhattan to ditch DA Alvin Bragg.  And then add insult to injury:  GoFundMe deletes page for NYC bodega clerk who fatally stabbed attacker.

Limousine liberals won’t be hit by congestion pricing — but middle-class New Yorkers will.

‘Tax the Rich’ AOC Still Hasn’t Paid New York Tax Warrants for Defunct Business

Talk about being “Woke” National Education Association teachers union proposes resolution to change ‘mother’ to ‘birthing parent’.  Fortunately, the proposed resolution, NBI 63, was not brought up for a vote.

The following link, CHRISTOPHER RUFO ON WOKE EDUCATION, shows how the progressive left has pushed their “Woke” agenda in education and business.  We must take back the House and Senate in November before progressives finish their agenda and turn America into a Third World Country.  It accurately is now or never; don’t lament not voting.

Biden’s Month of Malfeasance on Energy Production, Prices.

How Facebook Crushes Conservative News.

What GWU’s Clarence Thomas cancel campaign teaches us about college campus intolerance.

Let’s Give Our Kids a Healthy Dose of Summertime.

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