One win and one loss in today’s SCOTUS decisions.

NY conservatives win a risk-free decree

The Institutional Breakdown Behind Gun Violence.  It really is shameful that those who are so bent on changing the 2nd Amendment do not loot at the root causes of the violence that is rampant.  Those bent on violence do not respect, honor, or obey and laws or the lives they inevitably take.

Hochul has a plan to restrict concealed weapons in response to U.S. Supreme Court’s decision

Time for Republicans to unite behind Zeldin and save NY.

Former Hillary Clinton campaign strategist says she shouldn’t run in 2024: Her ‘ratings are below Trump’s’

Today’s Supreme Court rulings are 1 win: Supreme Court’s Ruling in West Virginia v. EPA Delivers Win for Self-Government, Affordable Energy add 1 very disappointing loss:  Supreme Court hands Biden victory, allows end to ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Collapsing consumer confidence is right on the money about US economy.

Oh my.  Would he feel the same if a transgendered person did that to his child? Trans skateboarder, 29, defends besting ‘little girls’ in competition: ‘The age thing doesn’t really count’.  Ricci Tres had this to say “I have three kids, I’m married, I did my time in the military, I own a company. I’ve decided that I like being pretty and cute,” Tres said in an interview about skateboarding last year. “So, everything that goes with that is female. I love female bodies. I think it’s a work of art.”  Tres does not intend to medically transition outside hormone therapy.

DOJ paying $1.5M for ‘transgender programming curriculum’ in US prisons.

Inflation: Reagan and Trump vs. Carter and Biden

Biden’s Energy Crisis

Failed Leadership in America, as Defined.

I did a google search for “Joe Biden voicemail knew of Hunters China dealings” to see if the main street media was covering this revealing tape.  Try it yourself.  Let me know if you find any legitimate news source, other than the NY Post, that is reporting about it.

The NY Post is also making an effort to keep a smile on our faces.  Don’t want to come home, Joe? No prob — we’ll help you settle into Spain, and with all the disturbing news out there, I for one, am grateful.