Why did Joe Biden have the need to tell his son “I think you’re clear.”


NY Post editorial:  Today is the last day for New Yorkers to cast their vote in the primary election for governor — and the last chance for Republicans to choose someone who’ll finally put a stop to the state’s dizzying decline.  If Republicans want to save New York, they should be sure to vote for Lee Zeldin for governor.  There is no Conservative Party Primary as Lee Zeldin is the Conservative Party’s candidate.  Get your Republican friends out to vote for the only candidate who has the knowledge, experience and backbone to Save our State.

Democrats cater to the woke at their electoral peril.

Guy Benson writes in Townhall.com about the latest CBS News Poll: New Low and Bad Vibes For POTUS, as GOP Racks Up New Voter Registrations.

Will the main stream media acknowledge and follow the inhumanity happening at our southern border now?

Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate Takes Another Hit.

Biden loses his ‘America is Back’ strut as domestic woes overshadow G-7 summit

Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter deals with ‘spy chief of China’Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s Chinese business dealings, voicemail reveals

Hillary Clinton rips Clarence Thomas: ‘He’s been a person of grievance’.  Desperate to stay in the spotlight, Hillary describes her former law school classmate, Justice Clarence Thomas, as a man full of “resentment, grievance, [and] anger”.  Hillary’s description of Justice Thomas’ being a man of is actually only a reflection of herself.  Hillary’s longing to be the first female president are enhanced when there are articles like this The whispers of Hillary Clinton 2024 are starting to make their rounds on the internet.

Rich Lowry writes in today’s NY Post: No, conservative justices didn’t lie about Roe at their confirmation hearings.  Of course, Squad leader, AOC, thinks impeachment should be in play, reminding the rest of us that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez previous job as a bartender certainly did not prepare her for her current job as a congresswoman.  But that is okay, the main street media like her;  keeping her in the spotlight lets us know she is in over her head.

When will this insanity end?  Adult Biological Man Beats Teenage Girl to Win Women’s Skateboarding Contest.

Any Institution the Left Doesn’t Control They Seek to Destroy.

One more blockbuster Supreme Court decision could still be coming even after Friday’s abortion ruling.

The Child I Almost Had.