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Last week ended on a great note for those of us who cherish our US Constitution and the rule of law.  For almost 50 years, the Conservative Party, worked to have the decision that granted women the right to abort their babies reversed as we believed there was nothing in the US Constitution that mentioned, let alone allowed, an abortion.  Six US Justices agreed on Friday!  What saddens me personally is the women marching in the streets with hangers…are they that out of touch with the real world?  They shout out, my body, my right…yes you control your body; perhaps a little more controlling of your body would prevent your conceiving another totally separate body who has a right to life.  In 2022, there is absolutely no reason for a woman to become pregnant, unless they are too irresponsible to prevent it knowing they can abort a precious unborn life.

Six Supreme Court Justices also acknowledged, last week, that New York’s archaic concealed weapons was also not supportive of our US Constitution; another common-sense decision by those who acknowledge that the US Constitution was written by men who valued the lives of those who were forming a government like no other:  one that guaranteed its people life, liberty and freedom, and made its people responsible for maintaining their vision and values.

Lately, too many of the descendants of the visionaries who wrote our Constitution, are failing to understand the responsibilities it bestows on us.  They throw temper tantrums when reminded we are a Republic and we solve our differences at the polls; not by destroying property, threatening those who they do not agree with or refusing to debate ideas as an adult. Our Founding Fathers believed that government exists to perform only those services that the people cannot provide for themselves; my how that has changed with progressives at the helm.  But we can, and must, reverse course beginning right now.  Tomorrow is primary day in NYS.  Republicans (and Democrats) have a choice; Conservatives already cast their lot with the Zeldin/Esposito ticket (we are urging Republicans to do the same) because they understand the role of government.

New York preparing to roll out welcome mat for out-of-state abortion seekers.  “State Attorney General Letitia James promised last month to set aside $50 million to help women seeking abortions. Part of those funds will be used for women arriving in New York from other states where the procedures are illegal. ´ “Mayor Eric Adams welcomed women seeking abortions to New York City, where the city has budgeted $250,000 a year for abortions since 2019.”  “On Friday, after the decision was announced, Gov. Kathy Hochul declared the state “a safe harbor” for women seeking abortions. Hochul announced an advertising campaign and new additions to a website that would help women in New York and throughout the country obtain information about abortions.”  “This is repulsive at every level,” Hochul said. New York has no income other than the taxes people pay; payroll taxes, sales taxes, real estate taxes, gasoline taxes, and a myriad of other taxes.  New York’s government is making you pay for people to come to New York to have an abortion, if their home state has chosen to save the innocent unborn life.  Is this what you want your tax dollars to pay for?  The current administration obviously wants to make New York the abortion capitol of the United States, but we should be able to prevent our hard-earned dollars from being used.   What if the company they work for is paying for their travel etc., will any effort be made to prevent “double-dipping” or will this just be another government boondoggle that rips taxpayers’ money from their wallets?

Gov. Hochul calls for Extraordinary Session to thwart the US Supreme Court’s decision on NY’s concealed weapon ruling.  The Democrats who control New York stuck their collective thumb in the eyes of their constituents, when the redistricting process refused to adhere to the NY Constitution after voters chose to have an Independent Body draw the new legislative lines.  On Thursday, Gov. Hochul and her cohorts plan on passing legislation to override the Supreme Court 6-3 decision on what is now the unconstitutional concealed weapon ban in New York state.   The one-party rule in New York State proves Lord Acton’s famous quote is correct: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” How busy could New York lawmakers get responding to court rulings?

David Keene writes in the Washington Times:  Red-flag gun control laws raise red flags

Today is only Monday and New Yorkers have two cases that are a win for the Conservative Cause.  Supreme Court Lets High-School Football Coach Kneel in Prayer.  Religious freedom continues to ring loudly!  Like last week, the same three Justices were dissenter’s:  Justices Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayer.

The other win New Yorkers had in court is also a huge win for our republic:  New York judge rules law allowing non-citizens to vote is unconstitutional. Passed by the NY City Council last December, but not signed into law by either former Mayor de Blasio or current Mayor Adams, it would have allowed up to 1 million non-citizens the right to vote in NYC elections.  “The city’s law department, which could challenge the ruling in a higher state court, said the city was evaluating its options.”  As the Judge noted in his decision, “the law violated the state constitution, which says that “[e]very citizen” is entitled to vote.” Read Chairman Kassar’s statement here.

Thank heavens some still show their sense of humor!  What The Post wishes Joe Biden’s cue card would say.