Just how much would the federal gas tax holiday actually save you?

President Biden’s Nobel Peace Prize?

The Conservative Party has for years been disappointed in some of the SOTUS decision that were based more on judicial activism than on what the US Constitution actually stated.  This week, we are pleased that the two decisions released were actually based on our US Constitution.  We have noted many times that elections have consequences, some right and some not so right, however the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 was good for this still young nation, in that his appointments of Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court seem to be returning SCOTUS to interpreting the US Constitution to what was written, not what progressive justices want it to be.

The Supreme Court Stands Up For the Right to Self-Defense.

Biden ‘deeply disappointed’ with Supreme Court gun ruling: ‘Lives are on the line’.  I wonder if he ever considers how many lives have been saved by responsible people with their own guns protecting innocent people from out-of-control madmen or their own lives?

Another 6-3 decision handed down today:  Supreme Court rules out suing police for Miranda violations.  Of course, the same Justices voted it down as they did in the other decisions of this week, Justice’s Breyer, Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

On Eve of Roe v. Wade Reversal, Poll Shows Americans Want to Protect Unborn.

Joe Biden lowering gas prices is as likely as a purple cow on the moon.

Gas prices have gone up about $3.00 per gallon since Joe Biden became president, so, how does saving $0.18 per gallon help?  The answer is:  it doesn’t really help much.  Let’s look at the math:  an average small car holds about 12 gallons, to fill it when the average price is $5.01 (today’s date 06/23/22) I will cost $60.12 if Biden gets his “gas tax holiday” of 18 cents off, it will cost you $57.96 a savings of $2.16.  A gallon of milk costs, on average, $3.31; one is $1.15 short for a gallon of milk.   Not a lot of savings for the consumer, but would be a huge loss to the federal government’s Highway Trust Fund, the major source of federal funding for highways, roads and bridges, leaving a gap in funding.  What will happen then?  Print more money?  Diesel gas creates the same problems in addition to driving up the cost of delivering the goods needed in stores.  The plan doesn’t seem to have the support it needs:  Gas tax holiday likely to land on empty amid Democratic opposition.

A Look at Who’s on Biden’s Parents Council.

Asian Americans to Democrats: See Ya!

We Have More Brutal Evidence That Exposes Kamala Harris’ Extreme Unpopularity.

Jeff Minick writes another great column!  Joe Biden’s Secret Unification Plan for America.