President Biden fiddles with Kimmel while America struggles with inflation.

From the NY Post editorial page:  Time for Joe Biden to be the Great Uniter he promised to be.  But sadly, it will never happen as he is too beholden to those who do not have the best interests of the United States of America at their forefront as his advisors.

Seriously?  Biden complained to reporters about negative coverage of his administration: Politico.  Can’t help but wonder what his definition of negative coverage is.

GOP Senators Release Documents Showing Biden Admin Lied About Disinfo Board

Schumer Under Pressure to Address Past Comments After Man Tried Killing Kavanaugh; don’t hold your breath as Senator Schumer will never, ever acknowledge that his words “pay the price” meant anything other than having the person who nominated them being voted out of office.

Federal law enforcement the real threat to our republic/Unequal and unfair application of justice

Voters vs. Soros revolutionaries

Soros-Backed Media Consortium Is Buying, to Censor, Conservative Radio Stations.

How Amazon Engages in Sanctioned Trade With Iran/Retail giant facilitates sale of computer hardware to subsidiary of Iranian government, documents show.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Reacts to Record Gas Prices with a Warning.

High Gas Prices Are About to Cause Another Public Safety Crisis.

Yes, the Products You’re Buying Are Getting Smaller—Even Though Prices Are Not.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about The Subordinate Citizen

Progressives see signs of hope fade after disappointing night.   (They may see signs of hope fade, but it was a great night for those of us who believe in the rule of law and respect for it.)

Bob McManus writes in the NYP: After Boudin ouster, New York lefties face their own ‘Bay’ of Reckoning.

Jan. 6 hearings? Americans have much more serious concerns

Annie Holmquist writes that Equality Is Holding Us Back.