Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the after effects of reapportionment, the Legislative Session and Biden’s latest terrible idea.

Reapportionment After Effects

The new maps for Congress and State Senate not only change the political landscape in a

manner that will provide the Conservative Party with fair opportunities for the next ten years, it also created open seats in which candidates are now petitioning, some which will lead to primaries.

New energized candidates filling open seats and the possibility of those primaries are all part of a healthy political process and very much welcome by the Party. It certainly is not what the Democratic Party wanted to happen, but we believe in Democracy not one party control creating less competitive seats around the state, leaving voters with no choices.

We stopped the steal, now we need to fight back on the streets, in the mailboxes, on social media, digital and on the air with TV & radio. This year has become our best opportunity in a very long time to win elections and bring about positive change in New York.

Support the party and our candidates with time and if within your ability, financial support as well.

Albany Wraps Up Session

 The Democrats in the legislature outdid themselves. Name the issue and you will find that they passed some of the worst legislation we have ever seen. Anti-second amendment, pro-abortion, unnecessary and expensive election changes just to name a few of the things that  happened.

Then there is, of course, what did not happen such as pro law enforcement and public safety measures that our endorsed members proposed, as well as common sense measures to reduce the burden of out-of-control inflation that has hit New Yorkers hard at the pump, at the grocery store and while paying their rent.

One area that we did see success was our push back against a sneaky attempt by the Democrats to change the year of local elections without public hearings. We called foul, rightly claiming it was another Democratic effort to silence our voices. Together, with the GOP, our shouts were loud enough and our arguments sound to cause a Democratic retreat from this bad idea.

Biden’s Latest Terrible Idea

Since taking office, the Biden Administration has canceled $25 billion in total of student debt. Just this past week almost $6 billion was added as the Corinthian Colleges fraud was added into the mix. Any one of these former students who took economics 101 knows there is “No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”  Someone is paying the bill, and that someone is you, the taxpayer.

I certainly acknowledge there is a problem with college costs and for that matter medical costs, or really just about every cost these days. However, the massive forgiving of student debt, even in the case of Corinthian schools in misleading students and parents, cannot be the best answer.

It is unfair to taxpayers and the millions who properly paid back their debt to burden the costs of others, especially now as every aspect of our life continues to get more expensive as wages are not rising fast enough to offset inflation.

Even college graduates don’t support a student debt bailout, new poll finds

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