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This is a Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Op-Ed by Joe Biden: My Plan for Fighting Inflation/I won’t meddle with the Fed, but I will tackle high prices while guiding the economy’s transition to stable and steady growth.  In all honesty, I had trouble reading past the second sentence “Energy markets are in turmoil.”  What else would he expect when on the very first day of his administration, he ends the Keystone Pipeline.  Biden is glossing over all his errors, and quite frankly, I am surprised that the Wall Street Journal printed it.  I am curious how many Pinocchio’s it will earn from the Washington Post…or will they give President Joe Biden a pass?

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This is one of those articles truly worth the read.  Kurt Mahlburg, the author of this article, is an Australian with conservative values and close family ties to the United States, he finds mass shootings like the recent unspeakable tragedy in Texas every shade of confusing.  The right to bear arms is “child sacrifice” — and abortion is not?