Did you know that NYS has a Domestic Terrorism Task Force?

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NY ‘red flag’ law didn’t flag Buffalo shooter. Why? (Editorial Board Opinion)

Agenda-driven judge’ who cut teen rapper C Blu loose is partially responsible for NYC crime surge: source.  Question for Governor Hochul:  How do you overcome an agenda-driver judge with all the “solutions” you are prosing in your Executive Orders issued after the horrendous shootings in Buffalo, NY?

States like New York are trying to create government watchdogs to prevent another radicalized youth from killing those they profess to hate, however, as this article notes, it is not only a state issue, it is international. The US is letting its people be radicalized through social media.  In fact, New York has a Domestic Terrorism Task Force, however, it hasn’t met since it was created two years ago.  But because of the outrageous mass killing in Buffalo, Gov. Hochul is planning on bulking it up now. We need a Governor to take the initiative, not govern with knee-jerk reactions.

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