Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Disinformation Board Disaster, the Death Penalty and Agreeing with Mayor Adams on an issue.

Disinformation Governance Board Folds

What were they thinking? A government board to declare what is the truth sounds very much like something you would find in a communist, socialist or fascist society. Add to the mix, Nina Jankowicz, a lefty given the authority to officially declare what is fact or fiction and you have nothing but a recipe for disaster.

I guess the White House figured out after receiving universal criticism for three weeks that this latest scheme to control the news and the people reporting it wasn’t as popular as they first thought.

The Department of Homeland Security’s newly created and short lived Disinformation Board went on “pause” as the Biden Administration looks for ways to gracefully move on from the disaster that was the board and its Executive Director, Nina Jankowicz. Ms. Jankowicz herself resigned indicating she wanted to pursue new opportunities.

Chalk up another odd failure for the Biden White House.

Death Penalty Needs to be an Option

It was a mistake years ago for the New York Legislature and courts to remove the Death Penalty

as a sentencing option. District Attorneys who represent the public should be able to ask for a

Capital Sentence for certain crimes including terrorism, mass murder and/or the killing of an on duty first responder for example.

The current maximum sentence of life without parole is insufficient for several reasons. The left wing  NYS Legislature and NY Parole Board are constantly looking for ways to reduce the sentences for older convicted murderers. The Parole Board, under control of the Democratic Party, Governor Cuomo and now Governor Hochul, has released numerous convicted cop killers.

Manhattan District Attorney Bragg even issued instructions to his Assistant District Attorneys to never ask for life without parole. If the 18- year-old Buffalo mass murderer was tried in Manhattan, and found guilty, he would likely be eligible for parole by the time he was forty.

Capital Punishment for the most heinous of crimes is the only certain guarantee of keeping these atrocious groups from ever being a future threat. And frankly in a criminal justice system that seems to have forgotten the concept of justice – it is an appropriate sentence.

The Conservative Party has consistently advocated for the return of Capital Punishment.  Our candidate for Governor, Lee Zeldin, has also called for the return of Capital Punishment as a sentencing option. Read Zeldin’s full thoughts on reinstating Capital Punishment here.

Noncitizen Voting Left out of NYC Budget

There has been, and certainly will be many times, that we will not agree with NYC Mayor Eric Adams. On the issue of leaving the $25 million to implement non-citizen voting out of the city budget, we are in total agreement. This is one the Mayor got right.

Of course, the City Council could still inject the money into the budget. And for that matter the request for a summary Judgement declaring the city law unconstitutional scheduled for June 6th, of which I am a plaintiff, will very likely be successful. Regardless, Mayor Adams in failing to fund this program took responsible action to protect taxpayer dollars.

We will always be the first to speak out against policies that hurt taxpaying New Yorker’s, but we will also applaud when our elected officials, regardless of party, get it right. This time Mayor Adams got it right.

Triple digits: Biden hits 100 days without a media interview

Census miscounted populations of 14 states and the breakdown is interesting.

VP Kamala Harris inactive on border crisis as migrant surge continues, Title 42 end looms.

BREAKING: Biden admin adds $100 million in arms for Ukraine on top of $40 billion aid package.

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