Will the current wave of horrific violence allow 1984’s Big Brother to become a true reality?

America is under assault. Those who love our nation must defend her.

Victor Davis Hanson writes in the Daily Signal about the Last Days of the Republic: Leftist Policies Could Push America to Its Breaking Point.

Delusions of accused Buffalo shooter are the reverse of reality.

The mass killing in Buffalo on Saturday was despicable as were the killing of one in a California church and 2 killed at a Houston flea market, and those were the ones that made the headlines.  We pray for all the victims, their families and the first responders who have the horror seared into their memories.  Violence is out of control, and unfortunately getting worse every day.  Evil walks amongst us every day; and elected officials call for more gun control (New York has some of the most stringent in the nation) while little else is done to end the violence.  I don’t have the answers, but I do know this, far too many people have lost their moral compass and far too many people ignore the obvious signs.  The Second Amendment isn’t the problem, an inanimate object is incapable of operating on its own.  Calling for censorship of social media is problematic; who becomes the censors?  Those who have a political agenda they do not believe in, thereby censoring and limiting our First Amendment rights?  Current progressive laws have compounded the problems, while the Woke make it almost impossible to hold reasonable discussions so both sides will see a little of the other view, and the war on religion have all contributed to the violence far more that any inanimate object.  Is it that hard to understand why an 18- year-old thinks it is permissible to kill others when people march in the streets demanding the right to take the life of their unborn child and doctors demand the right to end the lives of ill people?  We need to respect life from conception to a natural death and we need to find our moral compass again by following the Golden Rule:  Treat others the way you want to be treated.   It is up to all of us to end this vile senseless violence, the current government (and some clergy) have only contributed to making it worse.

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Biden’s Afghan-funds order puts the interests of lawyers over US terror victims.

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School Budget Spotlight 2022-23.  Budget votes and school board votes are tomorrow. Check out who is running for school board and know where they stand on the critical issues, then get out and vote even you have never voted in a school board election before.  Any one over 18 can vote in their local school.