The Woke awakened the silent majority especially regarding Roe v. Wade.

Election Integrity Dead: Killed in Court.

Democrats keep thumbing their noses at voters in battle over New York’s gerrymander.

Clarence Thomas Says Supreme Court Won’t Be ‘Bullied’ after Leak of Draft Opinion Overturning Roe.

Roe v. Wade will impact voters at the midterms—but not how you think.

State of Politics writes that support builds for abortion amendment in New York constitution. Perhaps in the narrow world of those who were included in the piece.  Newly anointed Lt. Gov. Delgado, said at National Action Network’s rally this weekend with Al Sharpton that “… there is no world where we can square going backwards in this way with our commitment as a country to progress …”  If progress is aborting the life of an innocent child about to be born, polls show he is quite mistaken.  He and his progressive compatriots are pushing for New York to become a sanctuary state for abortion and want your tax dollars to pay for travel and the abortion; they will be in for a rude awakening as medical science has changed the narrative.  (See Chairman Kassar’s statement here.)

Bill Mahar calls out Roe v. Wade alarmists on the left; shares abortion fact that even surprised him

Perils of Putin’s Victory Parade.

Gordon G. Chang writes in Gatestone Institute about Russia and China: The Worst Moment in History Coming Soon

China Accelerates Nuclear Buildup, Military Modernization; Biden Speeding U.S. to Defeat.

Buffalo Beware:  The Myth That Sports Stadiums Create New Jobs and Tax Revenues.

Christian Employers Push Back on Government’s Transgender Procedures Mandates

Even with income limit of $125K, Biden’s student-loan forgiveness is unfair to most Americans.

Biden Administration Sneaks Unlawful Immigration Benefits Into Ukraine Aid Request.

Biden has a problem when even CNN fact checker slams Biden’s claim that he reduced federal deficit.

Mr. President, the above isn’t your only problem.  Hunter Biden Emails Show ‘The Big Guy’ Getting Way More Than 10 Percent.

John Tierney writes in City-Journal; Won’t Get Fooled Again/After the pandemic, Americans should never let public-health authorities deprive them of their liberties.

Tomorrow, (05/10/2022) the Assembly Elections Committee will consider a constitutional amendment to prevent non-citizens from voting in elections.  Please click on our Facebook page ( to find out how you can help.