Is a Red Wave really on the horizon?

New York Court Rejects Democrat-Drawn Congressional Maps.

Lawmakers scramble to interpret court ruling and set new August primary date.

Tim Hoefer, president and CEO at the Empire Center for Public Policy, has an Op-Ed in today’s NY Post: Pathetic New York pols fail again to deliver gerrymander-free maps.

Steve Cuozzo writes that Times Square needs more cops — not casinos at expense of NYC taxpayers.

Putin’s Genocide on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Biden’s border plan lets everyone in — but hides it from the public.

Dismal polls have Dems split over how hard to push Biden agenda.

DHS Secretary Doesn’t Know If Terror Suspects Caught at the Border Are Still In the US.

More bad news for the Biden Administration (and ultimately for us):  U.S. Economy Shrinks in First Quarter of 2022.

Parents/Grandparents, are you aware this is what our president thinks?  Biden Claims School Children Don’t Belong to Parents ‘When They’re in the Classroom.’  He has stated some pretty outrageous things, but this one, as far as I am concerned, is detestable.

Another really insensitive statement by President Biden:  Biden ‘Not Concerned about Recession,’ Touts ‘Enormous Growth’ after Economy Shrinks in First Quarter.

Here is an insulting remark by Sen. Schumer whom seems to think Americans are as ill-informed as he is.  Schumer: Let’s Face It, The Only Way to Solve Inflation is to…Raise Taxes.

This is why many prominent democrats are not wavering in their push to the left:  Defund police’ Democrats poised to expand power in party in 2022 midterm elections.  Soros is still funding the progressive movement and the press give them plenty of free press coverage.  This is not the time, for those of us who respect what our Founding Fathers created, to become complacent because the polls indicate a red wave is coming.

China’s Impossible Dream of Order/Haunted by past humiliations, the nation’s leaders seek to restore what they see as its rightful.

Ben Carson, MD opines on Fox News about What ‘equity’ has wrought.

Overwhelmed by News Headlines? Consider This Antidote.

Winking at Disobedience, Winding Toward Destruction.

Trust the Science and Skip the Gender-Neutral Toys and Clothes.

Betsy McCaughey asks the question:  Is ‘woke’ to be the only religion allowed in US public schools?