Twitter is finally free to be what it should be…a platform that encourages discussions.

Elon Musk Acquires Twitter, Will Take Company Private.

The Economics of Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal.

Musk buying Twitter alarms Democrats.  Of course, it does, they won’t be as able to silent dissenting voices; @cpnys spent months banished in Twitter’s dark confinement.

Elon Musk is good for Twitter, journalism — and democracy.

Federal Judge Blocks Biden from Ending Title 42.

The Biden Regime Is Wrecking America.

New York poll finds Hochul’s job approval faltering, with six weeks left in the legislative session.

Mario Cuomo Bridge won’t revert back to Tappan Zee after NY Dems block bill.

Cal Thomas writes:  Walt would have never allowed Disney’s political activism.

Thank you, Deroy Murdock, for letting us know about this:  Disney’s Blatant Hypocrisy.

And thank you, Josh Hammer, for educating some long-time conservatives with this timely article:  Against ‘Principled Loserdom’.

Do you think Washington State has its priorities up-side-down?  DON’T SAY MARIJUANA: Washington State Bans Use of ‘Racist’ Word for Cannabis.    Murder was up 47%, fraud 113% in Washington during 2020, crime report shows.

An interesting article by James Piereson and Naomi Schaefer Riley in City-Journal:  Dazed and Confused/Remote learning has created a population of college students in dire need of remedial education.   The article notes that “If the past is any guide, colleges will try to accommodate struggling students by requiring less work from them. They will lower expectations in the name of saving students from the stress and anxiety of failing. They will offer higher grades in the name of equity. Some of the professors interviewed for the Chronicle story said that they would do more “hands on” or experiential learning because those kinds of classes get students more “engaged.” But these approaches merely pass students along, without addressing the underlying problem.”  Stating this, isn’t it obvious why some, not all, students are dazed and confused since their whole educational life they have been coddled; never receiving red marks on their papers and certainly not allowing students to fail.

From the Federalist:  Democrats’ Culture War Is Destroying Their Ability To Govern Competently Enough To Fool Voters.

Oral Arguments at Supreme Court Offer Glimmer of Hope for Praying Coach in First Amendment Case Against School District.

Garland refuses to answer Hunter Biden investigation question, doesn’t commit to appointing special counsel.

Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter writes in Human Events about THE LIMPING TRUTH VS. THE SOPHIST LEFT.