It is a good thing the Squad doesn’t read our daily update…they certainly would be “triggered” by it today.

Suspects walk free after arrests by NYPD’s new anti-gun teams.

Randi Weingarten’s latest anti-parent rantings are extreme.

Biden’s bribe to the affluent: student loan forgiveness.

Michael Goodwin writes about Joe Biden’s all malarkey all the time.

Hunter’s Law Firm Could Cash Out on Biden’s Controversial Order

Former Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, states the obvious in his Op-Ed on Fox News:  Biden surpasses Jimmy Carter as the most incompetent steward of the American economy.

A Mostly Wind- and Solar-Powered U.S. Economy Is a Dangerous Fantasy

Biden’s decline is obvious to everyone but the press.

Are Democrats and Joe Biden up to their old election tricks?

Hail the new fight to stop burning corporate cash on pushing woke idiocy.  But as this NY Post editorial points out:  New NYPD anti-gun units can’t do much when Albany still insists on protecting perps, not the public.

Victor Davis Hanson writes: How America Became La La Land.

The Issues that Will Matter Most in the November Election.

Oh my, this headline will certainly “trigger” the Squad Members:  Manchin Saw Largest Jump in Approval Rating of Any Senator over Last Year, New Poll Finds.

This will probably “trigger” them even more:  Twitter accepts Musk’s $44 billion deal.

Editorial: After a New York appellate panel makes the right decision on gerrymandered districts, all eyes are on the state’s highest court.   “Tossing these lines and ordering new ones from a special master and pushing back the primary from June to August is the one true, fair and just outcome. And since the state Independent Redistricting Commission also failed to follow the Constitution, the maps for the state Senate and Assembly must also be redone.”

From Football Field to Supreme Court: Meet the Coach Who’s Fighting for Freedom to Pray.

Christopher F. Rufo writes about Radical Gender Lessons for Young Children in City Journal.

Fauci’s condemnation of the judiciary reeks of totalitarianism.

Did you know this:  American Library Association Picks Self-Proclaimed Marxist as President. (This is one of those articles every parent/grandparent should read.)

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of a true hero, Timothy Klein, who perished while battling a fire in Canarsie on Sunday.

Job well done, Senator Orrin Hatch, now it is time to Rest in Peace.

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