Even democrats urge President Biden to back off Title 42…

Sorry, Mayor Adams: Comparing today’s crime to the ’80s won’t cut it.

File this under “grasping at straws” or “desperate to win,” Hochul: ‘Options’ exist for replacing Benjamin on ballot.

The Biden Administration cannot end soon enough.  New Rule Would Force Climate Change Reporting Requirements on Most Companies in America;  Biden Admin Claims More Red Tape Will Boost Efficiency. He is also restoring some environmental permitting requirements loosened by Trump.  Then there is this:  Biden resumes ‘air illegal’ into Westchester as migrant tide grows even worse and this Democrats pressure Biden to back off Title 42 decision.  (You know Biden’s open border is a very serious problem when this news is public.) But alas, Biden has told Obama he’s running again.

Biden doesn’t need Title 42 to stop the border crisis — he needs ‘Remain in Mexico’.

The White House’s Swift Surrender on Federal Mask Order Underscores the Tricky Politics of Mask Mandates.

From the Washington Times:  COVID-19 lockdowns not worth the cost/Free states did disproportionally better than those with mandates

Jen Psaki will be a star on MSNBC, albeit, MSNBC will continue with low ratings.  Psaki fights back tears over Florida’s parental rights bill, says it’s hurting children’s ‘lives’.  President Biden, there is nothing hateful about this bill, what is wrong is an administration trying to usurp the parent’s rights as to when their children learn about transgenderism and sexuality.

From Mercator.net, a review of the book: 100 Years of Identity Crisis: Culture War over Socialisation by Frank Furedi, De Gruyter, 2021, 259 pp,  Mapping identity politics in the culture war.  From the article: “In the words of anthropologist, Weston LaBarre, “the single, most important thing in human behaviour is literally and specifically, the way we bring up our children”. They “play a critical role in the realisation of social change”, as educationalist John Dewey observed. For political and social ideologues, their malleable minds can absorb novel ideas, provided they can control their education and formation.”

Rev. Franklin Graham: School board member is ‘most important elected official’ in America today.

From the Washington Times:  Fla. law sparks wave of bills: States move to protect parents’ control of childhood sexual education.

Black Lives Matter leaders aren’t capitalist converts, they still want to dismantle the US.  It appears that the main stream media is avoiding the fact that co-founder Patrisse Cullors purchased a $6M house in California and went through great duplicitous lengths to keep it hidden.  The main stream media is quite comfortable filtering the news to only let you know what they want you to know; fortunately, there is competition to get the unpleasant facts (Hunter Biden’s laptop) out in the open.  It is unfortunate that Ms. Cullors hasn’t done more to prevent headlines like this:  Massive increase in Black Americans murdered was result of defund police movement: experts