Ilhan Omar has met her match…

From the NY Post editorial page; The verdict is in: The Trump slandering is a pack of lies.

Deroy Murdock writes in the NY Post that Democrats who claim white supremacy is top problem ignore black racist killers.

NY Dems Are Such A Mess Republicans Might Actually Win The Governorship.

NY Dems ‘scrambling’ for way to lift Hochul and boot Brian Benjamin from ballot.

AG James’ idiotic Big Oil investigation is just exploiting voters.

Opinion: New York taxpayers are getting ripped off with the deal for a new Buffalo Bills football stadium.  Study after study has shown that stadiums are terrible public investments.

NY’s new budget is packed with stealth giveaways for rich, special interests.

NY Needs to Fund Police and Stop Being Soft on Crime: Rep. Nicole Malliotakis.

These 5 States Will Have Highest Tax Burdens in 2022, New Analysis Reveals.

Ilhan Omar mocked for voicing outrage over Easter worship on plane: ‘Why do you hate Christians?’  Watch this to learn about the candidate running against Ilhan Omar.

Tackling the Iranian Regime’s Nuclear Threat.

Gordon G. Chang writes in Gatestone Institute about Deterring China: U.S. Should Arm Taiwan to the Hilt – Now.

And you thought the Biden Administration announcement on Friday was good news (and done out of the “goodness of their hearts”.)  From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  An Oil Leasing Fig Leaf/The Biden Interior Department does the bare minimum to comply with a court order to allow lease sales on federal land.

The Cost of New Energy in Europe, but Not in Money.

Border Patrol stopped 23 people on terrorist database at southern border in 2021: CBP data.

Democrats prepare to take second run at Biden spending plan.

Republican states v. Team Biden.

Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to SALT tax deduction.

Parental rights revolution is a problem for Democrats.

Corbin K. Barthold writes in City Journal how Musk Makes the Mask Slip/The Tesla CEO’s bid to buy Twitter has prompted many prominent figures to admit bluntly that they oppose free speech.

‘A Republic, If You Can Keep It’.