If you are tired of the corruption in New York Politics, your being involved in elections is the only way to end it. 

Heather MacDonald writes in the City-Journal:  Averting Our Eyes/The New York subway massacre has roots in mental illness, but the shooter’s delusions were likely fed by the relentless cultivation of racial resentment.

Joe Mahoney writes:  Hochul questioned on Lt. Gov. judgment.

Dr. Joel Zinberg’s Op-Ed in the NY Post: Brian Benjamin just the latest in a long line of sleazy New York pols. “Unless voters insist on leaders willing to aggressively address the issue of ethics in government, New York will retain its dubious distinction as a national leader in the production of sleazy politicians.”  As Dr. Zinberg notes in the above quote, voters must choose wisely.  Get involved, Save our State, by helping Lee Zeldin become our next governor.

John Gizzi writes in Newsmax: Resigned Lt. Gov. Benjamin Leaves NY Gov. Hochul a Big Dilemma

Thanks to the Empire Center we now know how much NY’s budget will cost: $6,987.37 per second.

NY Post editorial:  Do NY Democrats really believe their handpicked judges are racially biased?

U.S. Embassy Staff Destroyed Passports as Taliban Took Over, Trapping American Allies in Afghanistan.

Daniel Henninger writes in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  The Devil Resurfaces in Ukraine.

From Gatestone Institute:  Iran’s – and America’s – Plans to Fund Russia’s War In Ukraine.

Biden’s Iran deal would create a foreign policy disaster for US and hand Xi, Putin, Khamenei a major victory.

Like all gun control, Biden’s ghost gun push is conspicuous futility.

Biden uses Putin ‘genocide’ as distraction from inflation woes.

Biden’s welcome program for illegal immigrants.

Migrants snap selfies at border after crossing into US.

Migrant bus to Washington ups stakes in GOP-Biden border fight.

Noah Williams writes in City Journal about The Costs of Wishful Thinking on Inflation/Monetary and fiscal policymakers have not adapted well to the Covid-19 recession and subsequent recovery.

Zuckerberg won’t repeat 2020’s massive spending on elections offices, bows to conservative critics.  Why don’t I believe their spokesman Brian Baker?

No one wants a woke mouse in their house.

Christopher F. Rufo:  No Conspiracy Theory/Parents are right to worry about sexual abuse of students by school officials.

Lipton Matthews writes:  Whites Do Not Owe Blacks Anything.

Jeff Minick writes in Intellectual Takeout: Helping Kids Sprout Wings of Independence.


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