Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses candidate petitions being filed, DeSantis v. Disney, Obama Returns and Congratulates Ari Brown.


I am pleased to announce that due to the hard work of our Party Chairmen, and hundreds of volunteers, the Conservative Party has filed nominating petitions in every corner of the state.

This guarantees that when you turn out to vote you will find a qualified candidate representing your values running for Congress, State Senate, Assembly and other local offices. With so much at stake this November, I urge you to follow the developing races and to get involved with your local candidates.


 Every time I hear criticism of the Governor and State Legislature of Florida over the prohibition

against teaching young children about sexual orientation, I just want to shout, “What is wrong with them?”

Florida got it right. This is an inappropriate curriculum for young children to say the least. The Disney wonks who thought they could advocate their political agenda free of push back were very much wrong. Though much of the criticism seems to be coming from the top of the Disney hierarchy as many every day employees have come out to say the company does not speak for them and their values as parents.

Disney World has received enormous benefits from the citizens of Florida including semi-autonomous status for the park. I would think abiding by this statute without the many threats to the state and its citizens that have emanated from the entertainment giant would be appropriate.

As far as NYC Mayor Adams conducting an advertising campaign of many millions of dollars to urge the LBGTQ community to leave Florida and move to NYC, I would recommend that if he really cared about making people want to return to NYC he use the money to hire more police, not further stimulate the Florida economy.


 Let us not forget that President Obama’s return to the White House was to celebrate the anniversary of one of the worst pieces of legislation in the past fifty years – Obamacare.

If it was not for the gutting of the original program by the courts and the Trump Administration, Obamacare would have destroyed healthcare and the economy.

On another note about the same event, despite my general negative view of all that is Biden, I felt bad for him as his Vice President and those in attendance literally ignored his presence to fawn over Obama. Joe Biden looked weak as his presence was dismissed and overshadowed by a man who has not held public office in nearly six years. Clearly, even mainstream Democrats don’t want to hitch their wagon to the Biden administration.

Congrats Ari Brown

 Congratulations to Nassau County’s newest Member of the New York State Assembly, Ari Brown. This is a big win for Ari and the Conservative and Republican parties as Ari outperformed the 2020 Presidential margin of victory by 25%

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