Merrick Garland, will he or won’t he continue to do Joe Biden’s bidding?

Hochul leads Lee Zeldin by slim 4 points in governor’s race: poll.

Hochul’s shameful move to try to save Dems’ unconstitutional voting map.

Wow, talk about a biased headline!  Publisher’s Corner: Republicans will play the bail reform card to the hilt.

ICYMI David Harsanyi wrote in Friday’s NY Post:  Democrats have a silly double standard for Clarence Thomas and Joe Biden.

The Ukraine war proves it: The West needs to end its reckless war on energy.

Landing on the Right Side of the Tracks: Trades vs. College.

If you only have time to read one article today, make it this one and then send to all of your liberal and semi-liberal friends:  Equality of Opportunity, Not Outcome, Is What Made America Awesome.

The Elites Who Never Say ‘Sorry’.

Tax specialist and journalist calls Bills’ stadium deal a loser for taxpayers.

Churchill: Bills giveaway is corporate welfare at its worst.

Please say it isn’t so:   Ketanji Brown Jackson chose leniency even in baby sex torture cases.

We can only ask why it has taken so long?  Liberal media flips on president’s controversial son after nearly 2 years of covering for him.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails are real but what legacy media does next is anyone’s guess/If Hunter Biden’s laptop’s real, what else is?

DOJ Warns State AGs Not to Block Access to Gender Affirming Care,  This, as far as I am concerned is overstepping their (DOJ) authority…if the person is of legal age, ok, however, if the person is under the legal age to sign contracts, get married, buy alcohol or cigarettes, get a tattoo or piercing, or a a myriad of other things, then the parents are the only ones who have a say what their child does to their body; NOT THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.   Far too many of our youth are confused about this — the indoctrination begins as a very early age — and any life altering changes made when a person isn’t old enough to truly understand what the long term results will be is the responsibility of their parents.

Prudence as Excellence: Edmund Burke, Abraham Lincoln, & the Problem of Greatness.