Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the latest on redistricting, Joe Pinion for US Senate, the new Buffalo Bills stadium and President Biden’s latest gaffes.

Breaking Redistricting News

Yesterday, a New York Supreme Court Judge ruled new district lines for Congress, State Senate and the Assembly created by the highly partisan Democratic leadership of the New York Legislature and signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul, are in violation of the New York State Constitution. He ordered new bi-partisan maps to be submitted no later than April 11th. Of course, the Democratic leadership of the Legislature appealed. A stay has been issued as the case makes its way to the 4th Department in Rochester.

We are very pleased with this well-written, thoughtful decision which at its heart says that the reapportionment process overseen by the Democrats in the Legislature was tainted from its earliest stages.

Additionally, countless editorial boards and interested organizations have favorably commented on Judge McAllister’s decision.

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Joe Pinion for United States Senate

Joe Pinion is an advocate, entrepreneur, and political news commentator. Throughout his life, Joe has witnessed both the power of opportunity and the pernicious impact of government driven neglect.

From the faces within his own family to the stories he has helped explore from behind a news desk, Joe personally understands the realities confronting the everyday people that call New York home.

Joe, born and raised in Yonkers, NY by his mother and grandmother, graduated from Horace Mann High School. A standout student-athlete, he was recruited to play football at Colgate University, where he was a 2 year varsity letter winner and a member of the 2003 team that finished 15-1 and played in the I-AA National Championship.

In that same time, and much more, Chuck Schumer has been a career politician. A career that spans nearly 50 years, Schumer knows nothing except tax-payer funded paychecks. He does, however, have an ownership stake in New York—particularly in the states decline.

Known for Sunday press conferences and bragging about visiting all 62 counties annually, he is short on accomplishments. New York is ready for change.  Chuck Schumer’s vision for New York is stale.  Joe Pinion is our vehicle for change.

Visit his website here.

New Stadium Bad deal for New York Taxpayers

 Government certainly can play an important role in supporting its home teams, but $850 million in taxpayer dollars to construct a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills is not a proper use of state funds.

There has been a great deal of talk that these types of expenditures have become common

around the nation, that should not be the case. In fact, they should not be happening at all. Not only is this deal not beneficial to New Yorker’s, it far exceeds what other localities have given to other teams.

While we wish the Bills another exceptional season, we believe its billionaire primary owner should not become wealthier as a result of enormous injections of taxpayer cash.

Joe Biden’s Gaffs Continue

 Either President Biden had some great strategy in mind when he spoke of regime changes in Russia or it just goes down as another one of his countless unhinged gaffs. In this case, I am going to go with another, albeit, very dangerous gaff.

Ironically, I totally agree that regime change is necessary in Russia. I also feel strongly that Putin

should be tried for war crimes even if it needs to be in absentia. The problem for the world is that Joe Biden is not like everybody. Whether he was telegraphing a time line for US Troop withdrawals from Afghanistan or commenting on the leadership and government of Russia, he needs to recognize that as President his words can have incredible consequences.

I hope one day our “friends” in the mainstream media will hold him accountable, though I won’t hold my breath. We must continue to report, in good faith, what we see and hear ourselves as it is clear the media will continue to shill on behalf of this administration.

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