Government spending, at all levels, is courting disaster; can/will we avert another 1929?

“Let Freedom Ring”: Support Ukraine & USA Energy Independence.

Now’s the moment Adams and Hochul must seize to face down pro-criminal pols.

No agreement on bail reform looms over race to get budget passed in New York.  Now is the time to call your local legislator (NYS AssemblyNYS Senate) and tell them you and your family’s safety must be their first concern!

Newsday (may need subscription to read) is reporting that the Legislature seeks to restore ‘lulus’ to state budget.

Under Gov. Hochul’s “less is more” 8,000 people on parole to be released by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision by the end of this month.

Buffaloing the taxpayers: The public shouldn’t foot such a big bill for the Bills.

At key post-Covid milestone, NY still posted nation’s largest job loss (by far)

Russia pledges to drastically reduce fighting around Kyiv during latest peace talks.  If you believe Russia, I have a few bridges to sell you.  And if I am wrong, I’d be as relieved as those who are undergoing the uncalled for horrific destruction of Ukraine; but regrettably, it seems as if I am not.  From Fox News:  Russia to redeploy Kyiv forces, not withdraw, US official says: LIVE UPDATES.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and how Twitter tipped the scales of the 2020 election.

Latest Poll About Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Why the Liberal Media Strangled This Story in 2020.

Is the US Pretending That Iran’s IRGC, “Mother of All Terrorist Groups”, Is Not a Terrorist Group?  The Biden Administration’s Never-ending Appeasement of the Mullahs.

From the Committee to Unleash Prosperity: Uncle Sam Spends $20,000 Per Person, $50,000 Per Family.  Be sure to read Mr. Moore’s third point, as well as the rest of his report.

Biden budget accelerates shift from Trump policies on immigration.

Biden unveils $5.8 trillion budget proposal with tax hikes, spending boosts.

The Biden administration has quietly declared war on charter schools.  Does he even consider this: How Charter Schools Affect Change and Empower Students from Diverse Backgrounds?

Charles C. W. Cooke writes in National Review:  No, We Won’t Indulge Your Insanity.

Petulant Students Do Not a Utopia Make.