Now more than ever, government programs seem to be a recipe for far too much wasteful spending.

NYS Conservative Party Chair Gerard Kassar | The Capitol Connection

Perhaps instead of hiring new IRS agents to audit more returns from hard working taxpayers, the IRS should implement the necessary changes to prevent payments from going to ineligible recipients.   Here’s How Ineligible Recipients Got Nearly $2 Billion in COVID Relief from the IRS.

A pandemic of government waste.

Comptroller Lander claims bail reform hasn’t caused more crime — but ignores all evidence it has

No-cash bail law a bust, NY voters demand changes: Poll.

The Legislature’s next gift to New York criminals.

A look at what’s on and off the table for state budget as Hochul, Legislature near deal.

NYS Lt. Gov. Benjamin questioned by feds about ‘shady campaign donor’

As a New York taxpayer, do you think this $840M bill we have just been handed is a good use of our hard-earned tax dollars?  I can’t help but wonder how many police, fire, first-responders could be hired, or a reasonable increase to those who care for our disabled and elderly this $840M could help? (And how much prevailing wages added to the total sum.)  Buffalo Bills secure deal for $1.4B stadium thanks to record $850M from taxpayers

Biden’s call for Putin’s ouster is the latest sign that none of his words mean a damn thing.

Biden Administration’s Nuclear Deal: “This Isn’t Obama’s Iran Deal. It’s Much, Much Worse.”

Biden’s silent as son’s former friend and business partner faces jail, financial ruin.

Come on, man! The President as an ethical theorist.

Biden’s ‘New World Order’

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A Civilizational War? Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin may or may not have Vladimir Putin’s ear, but his philosophy of Eurasianism is worth understanding.

What Lia Thomas Means/The sudden prominence of transgenderism in the West owes in large part to compassion becoming unmoored from reason—and to ethics being reduced to compassion.

How to discourage success (and ultimately harm all the people who have jobs due to very successful entrepreneurs): Biden proposes new minimum tax on billionaires, unrealized gains.

Florida’s DeSantis signs Parental Rights in Education bill, hits back at Hollywood critics.

The True Story of “The Patton Prayer”.