Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the petitioning process, broken window theory return and our J. Daniel Mahoney Legislative Reception in Albany this week.

Petitioning Final Stretch

As you know nominating petitions move the party’s rhetoric into action by placing our endorsed candidates for Congress & the State Legislature on the ballot. They also are necessary to organize the Party’s State and County Committees which are the basic units upon which political parties function.

It is important that all registered Conservative Party members sign a party petition. In some cases, a party member would have been at your door or made other arrangements to obtain your signature. With 155,000 enrolled party members many will be missed, so we need your help.

If you (a registered conservative)  have not yet signed a nominating petition, please contact your local Conservative Party leader. If you need assistance locating the proper contact, call our headquarters at (718)-921-2158 and we will put you in touch with a local party representative.

Your signature on a Conservative petition is vital to our functioning as a party and time is running out.

Broken Windows Theory of Policing Returns to NYC

There are many parts of Mayor Adams’s agenda that the Conservative Party does not support. Fortunately in one key area, public safety, the Conservative Party and most city residents agree with the Mayor’s efforts.

The anti-crime unit, albeit with a new name, are making an effective comeback taking guns and criminals off the streets.  Currently at half strength, the NYPD expects 400 or so men and women to fill these highly trained specialized units.

In addition, the Mayor has announced a crackdown on quality of life crimes like turnstile jumpers and shoplifters.  This is a return of “Broken Windows Theory of Law Enforcement.” At its heart it works to stop small time offenses before those perpetrating them move onto committing bigger crimes.

The broken windows theory had been proven to work in New York City until Bill

de Blasio did away with this policing tactic.  We hope the return of common sense policing will restore some law and order and give peace of mind to residents and guests of the city.

Conservative Party Presents J. Daniel Mahoney Award

Our Legislative Reception held in Albany this past Monday was hugely successful with a large, enthusiastic crowd cheering our two honorees, as well as the campaigns ahead of us. I want to thank everyone who came out to support the party and those who continue to fight alongside us as we move into this very important election season.

One thing was crystal clear, the Conservative Party, our incumbents, and our new candidates are expecting that our winning ways from 2021 will continue into November.

Our award winners, Broome County Chairman Aaron Martin, and Suffolk County Chairman Mike Torres, were a gigantic part of our 2021 success. We were very pleased to honor them and look forward to working together to deliver more results this November.

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