Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Zeldin’s polling numbers, SUNY Brockport’s misguided invite and VP Harris’s embarrassing representation of the USA.


There was exciting news on all fronts concerning Congressman Lee Zeldin’s bid for Governor.  On the Republican primary front, Zeldin the unanimous choice of the Conservative Party, was distancing himself from his three GOP opponents.  In fact, he is leading second place Andrew Giuliani and Rob Astorino 45 to 14, a full 31 points, with Harry Wilson a very distant third.

Polling indicates in the general election Lee was in a statistical tie with Hochul.  This is by far the best showing for a GOP/Conservative candidate, at this point in time, since George Pataki was in office.

Frankly I am not surprised.  For months the leadership of the party and myself have been vocal proponents of the Zeldin candidacy.

A conservative by nature, with a solid voting record on issues important to us, he has shown himself to be an awesome campaigner and an equally strong fundraiser. Often accompanied by his wife and twin daughters while crisscrossing the state, Lee emanates the warmth of a family man and the strength of a Lt. Colonel in the Army.

Republican Lee Zeldin: Poll shows I can beat NY Gov. Kathy Hochul

Lee Zeldin claims 31-point lead over NY Republican primary rivals for governor


It seems as though we can always count on the academic elites to do something that causes you to shake your head and wonder what they are thinking.  SUNY BROCKPORT is planning to highlight convicted cop killer Anthony Bottom at an upcoming “Diversity Conference.”  Worse yet, until the statewide outcry from our party, the GOP, Senate GOP Leader Ortt, and countless other conservative oriented officials, Brockport was planning to use taxpayer dollars to pay Bottom for his appearance.

Paying him has been taken off the table. That is not nearly enough. Bottom’s invitation needs to be rescinded.  Furthermore, SUNY Brockport should reach out to the families of slain police officers Waverly Jones and Joseph Piagentini to apologize for the unnecessary pain the school’s actions have caused.  I suppose I will not hold my breath, but it is what they should do.



It seems that one of the few national items of which both the right and the left often agree is Vice President Harris’s poor handling of her office. Poor handling of her office seems to be her MO, but actually embarrassing the nation of which she is second in command is new territory even for Harris.

Her performance last week, at a press conference with the Polish President, in which she was clearly unprepared can only be described as embarrassing. And then her attempt at humor in which she laughed at her own comments only further deepened the problems that are occurring regularly for the United States on the world stage.

Reality is catching up to Biden on the border.

America’s Enemies Find Weakness at Every Turn.

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China’s formidable technology challenge.

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