Biden fancies himself as everyone’s “Grandpa” but he is really the Black Sheep of the family.

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Biden’s feckless energy policy is only getting worse — and he can’t blame Putin.

On Russia, Biden should learn from Reagan how economic warfare is done.

President Biden’s determination, at this time, to prevent American’s from being energy independent is undermining every aspect of the one nation that has used its ingenuity to uplift the world; his stubbornness is blinded by his fear of the woke and the press.

Biolabs or Bioweapons Labs?

Putin’s War Crimes: Reported Heroes and Others

Biden Administration to Extend Transportation Mask Mandate.

Stephen Moore’s Committee to Unleash Prosperity explains what the House passed last night, well worth the read.

Lawmakers feast on pork in omnibus.  In 2011 a ban was established, then last year quietly came back and now that we are in an election year, earmarks are back; it seems as if they believe your vote is tied to how much of your tax dollars go to their pet projects that will most likely be named after them.    Sen. Schumer’s name is attached to 59 earmarks totaling nearly $80 million, which one can be certain that he will travel all over the state this summer with those huge checks (and of course a press gaggle) to let you know how generous he is with YOUR money.

8 Ways Massive Omnibus Spending Bill Is a Mistake

Inflation rises 7.9% in February, a new 40-year high.

Biden’s HHS Pushes ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility’ Agenda to Racialize Government.

Yes, the two lawmakers apologized, as far as I am concerned, the apology rings extremely hollow.  Did they not take the time to read what they are standing behind and holding?  If not, why not? These are legislators who vote on bills the have an impact on the lives of everyday New Yorkers…have they approached that responsibility in the same way they chose to stand with this banner?

New Poll: Taxes are Top Reason Residents Looking to Leave New York.

“The Least Woke City in America”.

Florida Legislature Passes Parental-Rights Bill on LGBT Ed for Young Children.

From City Journal:  Misguided Affirmations/Media coverage of transgender issues tends to make four conceptual mistakes.

Boats Against the Current: Taking Hopeless Times and Making Them Otherwise.